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Synonyms for stockpile

Synonyms for stockpile

to accumulate and set aside for future use

to store up (supplies or money), usually well beyond one's needs

Synonyms for stockpile

something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose

a storage pile accumulated for future use

have on hand


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While robust export controls and enforcement are critical elements in the effort to curb illicit trafficking in SA/LW, the simplest and most reliable way to prevent proliferation of illicit arms is through proper stockpile management and expeditious destruction of excess.
Non-signatories have an estimated 225-250 million antipersonnel mines in stockpile, while treaty signatories currently have an estimated 25-30 million in stockpile.
That's not long, considering that the United States decided in 1984 to incinerate its entire stockpile by 1994.
Upon completion of the Stockpile Project, the Mirado Mine site will have been cleared of any mined materials on the areas where the stockpiles currently exist.
2 percent gain in stockpiles of nondurable goods in October with paper and farm products all showing growth.
Of particular concern is the fact that these stocks have never been subjected to testing for adventitious agents, whereas a new vaccine intended to supplement the existing stockpile has been thoroughly tested (1).
It has a stockpile of the nerve agent sarin and is engaged in research and development of the more toxic and persistent nerve agent VX.
Shoshone estimates the size of its stockpiles of mined ore available for processing at approximately 15,000 tons or a 150-day supply of feedstock for the mill.
Kespry drones are saving aggregates operations time and money by auto mating the measurement of aggregate stockpiles and construction materials, according to the company.
Summary Objectives: To educate communities about the dangers of holding private stockpiles of munitions
wholesale businesses boosted their stockpiles sharply in October as sales rose, the government said Tuesday, offering encouraging signs for economic growth in the final three months of the year.
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is preparing a plan designed to abate all noncompliant tire stockpiles in the state by the end of 2010.
The RCC's goal is 85% for scrap tires reused and a 55% reduction in stockpiles by 2008 from the 2001 baseline of 300 million stockpiled tires.
For decades, stockpiles of obsolete, expired, and banned pesticides have posed significant health risks to people in developing countries.
Pilot batches of candidate drug products will be manufactured and entered into accelerated stability studies since stability is essential for extended storage in stockpiles.