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Synonyms for stockpile

Synonyms for stockpile

to accumulate and set aside for future use

to store up (supplies or money), usually well beyond one's needs

Synonyms for stockpile

something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose

a storage pile accumulated for future use

have on hand


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We assumed that ventilators can be stockpiled centrally by the Texas DSHS or locally by hospitals in Texas' 8 HSRs (online Technical Appendix Figure 1).
In addition to using more annually generated scrap tires in new applications, cleanup efforts of stockpiled scrap tires continue.
Additionally, state cleanup programs and effective regulations continue to reduce stockpiled scrap tires despite an increasing vehicle population on the nation's roads over the past decade.
Another feature of the report is an estimate of the volume of stockpiled scrap tires, based on a survey of all 50 states.