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Synonyms for stockpile

Synonyms for stockpile

to accumulate and set aside for future use

to store up (supplies or money), usually well beyond one's needs

Synonyms for stockpile

something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose

a storage pile accumulated for future use

have on hand


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Through its innovative design, the SuperStacker allows 30 percent more stockpile in the same footprint versus a conventional stacker, optimizing storage space.
As of June 30, Japan had oil reserves equivalent to 170 days worth of its consumption, comprising the private-sector stockpile of about 79 days and the state oil stockpile of about 91 days, according to the officials.
Question: "David Kay, after his departure was announced, said he told Reuters that he concluded that there were no Iraqi stockpiles--told Reuters that there were no Iraqi weapons stockpiles to be found.
Under the CWC, Libya would be required to declare and destroy all chemical weapons production facilities and stockpiles, make declarations about any dual use chemical industry, undertake not to research or produce any chemical weapons, and not to export certain chemicals to countries that have not signed the CWC.
The rapidly expanding vaccine stockpile has raised a difficult question, however.
Our efforts in surveillance, medical and public health response, stockpile provision, and research and development will increase significantly our preparedness for bioterrorism.
We are reducing our nuclear weapons stockpile to the lowest level consistent with America's national security and our commitments to friends and allies.
In the past, you had to order a fly-over; crawl up and down the stockpile with a tape measure; or drive around the quarry with that bulky laser apparatus in the back of a pick-up.
We think that both of these targets are achievable, but the stockpile goal will be dependent on several states initiating an abatement program," Blumenthal said.
After years of planning and building new facilities, the program started destroying the stockpile in 1990.
Runner's legislation also closes a loophole that allows methamphetamine manufacturers to stockpile crystalized iodine, a methamphetamine component.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) said Tuesday it has revoked the import licenses of three oil import companies as they failed to maintain necessary reserves as required under the oil stockpile law.
The complete simulation represents a milestone for a program established in 1995 for sustaining the nation's stockpile of war-heads without actually detonating nuclear bombs.
These weapons are generally ignored in arms-control agreements, and the size of Russia's tactical nuclear stockpile is impossible to estimate.