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a detailed list of all the items in stock

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Start With a Sartorial StockliSt If you're considering a walk-in closet, make sure it's for the right reasons.
It is the biggest stocklist of Sherri Hill in the UK, offering more styles, colours and sizes than any other store.
She could purchase some items that are sold there though, like Top Ramen noodles, Spam, Hot & Spicy pork skin chips, iced cream, canned tuna and cola, ( TMZ reported, citing the commissary stocklist at FCC Victorville.
Spookily, that's exactly where Monday Monday is set and his character Steven is the tastiest item on Butterworth's stocklist, being tussled over by his own boss (Holly Aird) and put-upon PA, Sally.
Champagne features prominently on Connolly's stocklist. Does Chris think he's going to be able to get his hands on enough to meet the millennium demand?