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boxcar with latticed sides

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He was arrested after leaving the Cairnryan ferry in a BMW X5 transporting his stockcar back from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
Dubai: The Speedcar Series has completed a day and a half of rigorous testing on new components for the stockcars at the Dubai Autodrome ahead of the second season commencing in October.
In this, the automobile shared company with a host of other phenomena of the 1950s and '60s, including gambling, music, boxing, baseball, stockcar racing, surfing, and drug use.
The inaugural stockcar event runs across Asia and the Middle East later this year, featuring 18 races over nine weekends from November until April 2008 and involving 24 identical 600bhp cars.
By teaming with branded-content firm Intersport and Chase Bank, for example, MobiTV last year created a seasonal stockcar racing channel for Sprint, Smith says, without having to pay NASCAR's steep fees.
Who remembers Kirkby past, stockcar racing and Gary Hesp Factories booming up on the estate, the 92a you were never late.
Barnier spend happy hours discussing stockcar racing.
But it's a rare place in our society where Thelonious Monk and stockcar racing coexist.
At the show, the contest allowed growers to experience the thrills and chills of being a professional racecar driver by racing against each other via a stockcar simulator Grand-prize winners of the race were invited to participate in a real stockcar setting with their Nitragin rep via the Richard Petty Driving Experience, which boasts "one of the safest and most exciting driving and riding programs in the world." Runners-up took home a leather jacket.
Stuart had two advantages over his stockcar competitors: They didn't know his engine was "souped up" well into the modified class of horsepower; and he was only 15 years old and too young to fear anything.
Stockcar drivers racing at 200 mph are taking their lives into their hands, and so too are companies implementing supply chain management initiatives.
The only thing I regret is missing out on the stockcar race in nearby Bristol.
BRPIX 14.29 5.27 NA Auxier Focus AUXFX 12.67 NA NA Mid-cap Blend Yacktman YACKX 19.46 4.05 6.04 StockCar Stocks SCARX 16.31 5.74 NA Index Ariel Appreciation CAAPX 16.23 9.94 16.99 Oppenheimer Main St OMSOX 16.14 NA NA Opportunity A Mosaic Mid-Cap GTSGX 15.31 14.36 13.34 Small Blend Schroder Ultra Inv.
The students on the race team pay tuition for their year on the road with the stockcar series.