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an agent in the buying and selling of stocks and bonds

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The first, by far the clumsiest, sees ambitious, amoral graduate Jordi (Roger Coma) starting work at a stockbrokerage run by St: Puigmarti (Jordi Dauder).
Thompson's shares are being marketed by Barrie Buck of Redmayne Bentley, the Leeds-based stockbrokerage, who confirmed that there has been interest.
A potential sponsor doesn't need to be an insurance company: any company with stock currency--a bank, a stockbrokerage firm, an investment bank or even a nonfinancial services company--can be a sponsor.
A recovery plan for a mom-and-pop auto repair shop in Kaka'ako will be entirely different from a Bishop Street stockbrokerage.
She chairs the accounting policy committee of the Bond Marketing Association and serves on the dealer accounting committee of the Securities Industry Association (SIA) and on two AICPA groups: the blockage factor and the stockbrokerage and investment banking regulatory liaison task forces.
I think mergers with other smaller banks or with bigger banks would be a better option," an analyst from a local stockbrokerage said.
Jane Cralle began her career in stockbrokerage at PaineWebber, and later spent 22 years at Linker Capital Management Inc.
Optimism doesn't look good in these early days of March especially with the Dow's persistent weakness like its 400-point drop last night,' local stockbrokerage Papa Securities said.
We would like to remind the public that all stock market transactions should be coursed through PSE-accredited trading participants or stockbrokerage firms," Refran said.
MENACORP, premier financial services group said that the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority formally sanctioned the expansion of its international stockbrokerage activity.
A 44-year-old accountant, Peace has enjoyed a successful career that included a spell in finance with Singer & Friedlander, the stockbrokerage.
Poor Scott: "Surrounded by the wealth of others, he found himself toiling near the bottom of the stockbrokerage world, chasing elusive commissions.
Morgan, New York, and a member of the American Institute of CPAs stockbrokerage and investment banking committee, believes that "the proposal is of major significance to participants in the financial markets and the accounting profession, as it establishes new rules for determining when transfers of financial assets should be accounted for as sales and applies the rules to a significantly broader scope of transactions than the current accounting literature does.
As a stockbrokerage institute, 3 Macs needs to comply with various laws, regulations and industry rules.