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He said the decline in stock market values had hit many "stockbroker belt" homeowners, whose hefty annual bonuses had been wiped out.
HOUSE prices in Cheshire rival the stockbroker belts around London, a new survey reveals today.
But now they are again hiring personal bodyguards and reviewing security at their luxury homes in the Dublin and Belfast stockbroker belts. In the past, a number of leading businessmen have been snatched by IRA gangs, including supermarket chiefs Don Tidey and Ben Dunne.
Sales of plush properties which can turn their owners into instant millionaires are rising fast in the North as the region starts to catch up with the affluent stockbroker belts of London and the South-East, new figures reveal today.
The research found the 82 most expensive towns to buy property across the UK are all within the stockbroker belts of the south-east and Greater London, with Lymm ranked next in the study.