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Synonyms for stockade

fortification consisting of a fence made of a line of stout posts set firmly for defense

a penal camp where political prisoners or prisoners of war are confined (usually under harsh conditions)

surround with a stockade in order to fortify

References in classic literature ?
What Little Toomai liked was to scramble up bridle paths that only an elephant could take; the dip into the valley below; the glimpses of the wild elephants browsing miles away; the rush of the frightened pig and peacock under Kala Nag's feet; the blinding warm rains, when all the hills and valleys smoked; the beautiful misty mornings when nobody knew where they would camp that night; the steady, cautious drive of the wild elephants, and the mad rush and blaze and hullabaloo of the last night's drive, when the elephants poured into the stockade like boulders in a landslide, found that they could not get out, and flung themselves at the heavy posts only to be driven back by yells and flaring torches and volleys of blank cartridge.
Then Little Toomai would climb up to the top of one of the quivering stockade posts, his sun-bleached brown hair flying loose all over his shoulders, and he looking like a goblin in the torch-light.
As of old, she was permitted the freedom of the village, for the stockade was high and strong and the only gates were well-guarded by day and by night; but as of old she cared not for the companionship of the cruel Arabs and the degraded blacks who formed the following of The Sheik, and so, as had been her wont in the sad days of her childhood, she slunk down to an unfrequented corner of the enclosure where she had often played at house- keeping with her beloved Geeka beneath the spreading branches of the great tree that had overhung the palisade; but now the tree was gone, and Meriem guessed the reason.
There were low bushes growing within the stockade, however, and in the shade of these Meriem sat down to think.
When a tribe goes to war, the chief cannot order one party to go here and another there; but every man fights in the manner which best pleases himself; and to each separate individual to approach a stockade defended by fire-arms must appear certain death.
In one, a stockade had been successfully defended by a single man, supported by three or four women, for days, against the assaults of a hundred enemies.
Fortified towns with their stockades, guard-houses, gates, trenches, and drawbridges, seemed to the mender of roads, to be so much air as against this figure.
When he beheld nothing but stockades and bastions, calculated for defense against naked savages, he felt an emotion of indignant surprise, mingled with something of the ludicrous.
This program, split into Tree Climbers and Stockade groups, is led by fathers as they teach their boys to be men of God.
Familiar tunes like Columbus Stockade, John Hardy, Pretty Polly, Paddy On The Turnpike and Henry Lee are given a super-charged jolt from the fiery foursome.
GOOGLE "fencing in Liverpool" and you'll quickly know your palisade from your brushwood, your post and rail from your stockade and your picket fence from your spear-top.
WHEN was the Eureka Stockade rebellion of Australian miners?
In which country did the Eureka Stockade incident happen in 1854?
Or at least it would be, were it not for the ugly, two-metre-high galvanised steel, concentrationcamp style stockade that surrounds both reservoirs, and which prevents the public from accessing this superb amenity.
4 MARTIN and Charlie Sheen - They share a passion for acting and a similar bone structure, and teamed up in 1990 battlefield flick Stockade, which Martin also directed.