stock saddle

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an ornamented saddle used by cowboys

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The stick-forked, flat-seated, low-cantled stock saddle frequently advertised as a roping saddle is not designed for pleasure riding.
Western or stock saddles tend to be large and heavy.
As a rule, these saddles require more training of the rider in developing a sure seat than stock saddles do.
Width of the fork of stock saddles varies from 5 1/2 inches to 7 inches.
Stock seat riders who have attempted to jump in stock saddles can appreciate what the expression "being behind one's horse" means.
Placement of stock saddles is governed by position of the rigging.
Saddle size is more critical with English saddles, especially hunt-jump saddles, than with stock saddles.
Until recently, all quality stock saddles were made on a wooden, rawhide-covered tree.