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That a wave of migrant stock farmers opened a region to settlement; subsequently survived relative isolation and armed conflict; engaged in cross-cultural contact with their slaves, indentured Khoisan servants, and indigenous Khoisan inhabitants; eventually won the war; and finally claimed more land does not do enough to explain this phenomenon.
In an interview with BOPA, a small stock farmer, a middle aged woman, Ms Seolebaleng Dinotshe of Selokolela in the Southern District stated that she spent most of her years idling at home without a job despite her efforts to find one.
Come on everybody, let's support the British stock farmer, especially those from the North-East.
Aimed very much at the dairy/ stock farmer, this is an exciting addition in the expanding Case IH range.
He promised to create a market for small stock farmers a.
I acknowledge silage making is quicker, less dependent upon shifting weather patterns and undoubtedly provides stock farmers with greater quantities of winter fodder.
The National Farmers' Union has warned of crops "parched to the bone" and liverian stock farmers using winter rations - which will cause problems later in the year.
As part of his interaction with farmers, the Deputy Minister will meet VH1 Farmers, Ganspan Large stock farmers and Subsistence Farming as well as the Iphemeleng Community Property Association to listen to the farmers challenges and offer drought relief interventions.
Cases where invading commercial stock farmers clashed with hunter-gatherers were particularly destructive, often resulting in a degree of dispossession and slaughter that destroyed the ability of these societies to reproduce themselves.
He further said that PLD DB will produce 20 ton silage in the current season with the help of private stakeholders to provide the landless live stock farmers. Farmers having maize crop may avail the silage machinery on rent for si lage making at their own farms at very low price he added.
Mutorwa said cattle and small stock farmers in the Kavango East and Kavango West are likely to grow due to activities at the newly created livestock trading centres, specifically in the catchment areas in and around both areas.
Its shredders can also be used with smaller HP tractors of the type commonly used by stock farmers.
While writing and researching the annihilation of Cape San society, primarily caused by Dutch-speaking stock farmers during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and trying to locate this episode in global historical context, it appeared to me that a particular subset of settler colonial confrontations--those in which livestock farmers linked to the global capitalist market clashed with hunter gatherers -were particularly catastrophic in their outcome.
He pointed out that it is the member states' competence to determine penalties and noted the consequences that high penalties could have on small stock farmers.