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a certificate documenting the shareholder's ownership in the corporation


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Users of this software would include Small Business Corporations, Small Community Owned Banks, CPA Firms, Law Firms and anyone that needs to manage stockholder and stock certificate information.
As an additional good business practice, it would be prudent to note on the stock certificate or the ledger the number of shares that are authorized to be issued by the company (this is set forth in the company's articles of organization that are filed with the secretary of state).
Along with the stock certificate, share owners receive the company's annual reports.
The case involved the following facts: an apartment was purchased in 1985, and at the closing, the stock certificate and proprietary lease were taken by the bank as collateral for the loan it made to the purchaser.
The company requires all persons in possession of existing stock certificates for the following companies of Diamond PowerSports CUSIP #252720107, Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc.
The recipient becomes an actual shareholder of the company AND gets the authentic stock certificate.
Before accepting a stock certificate, the investor should examine the original certificate carefully to look for alterations or cancellation markings.
a) present the physical stock certificate (together with necessary stock powers (with signature medallion guaranteed)) to Continental at the following address: Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, 17 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004, Attn: Mark Zimkind, Tel.
All of the collectible stock certificate specimens or Scripophily have been cancelled and have no intrinsic value other than as a collectible due to their historic or artistic merits.
However, the shares represented by two of the three stock certificates held by the custodian had already been pledged to the bank and were subject to the bank's prior voting rights while the other stock certificate had been previously cancelled and replaced by certificates held by the bank as voting trustee.
Shareholders should not destroy any stock certificate and should not surrender any certificates until they receive a letter of transmittal from the exchange agent.
Your current stock certificate will trade and transfer under the prior name.
Australia: CPU), the world's largest and only true global transfer agent, today introduced a unique alternative to the traditional engraved stock certificates -- QuickCert(TM) on-demand stock certificates.
The Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) said Wednesday seven 1,000-share forged stock certificates of KFC Ltd.
As a result, Tengasco is asking its common shareholders to exchange their existing stock certificates for new ones.