stock breeder

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a person who breeds animals

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Stock breeders coming from all over Bulgaria will be gathering Friday for a peaceful protest organized at the Danube Bridge near Ruse.
As of this year, stock breeders can apply for subsidies for the first time.
A characteristic feature of this path is the deserted temporary settlement that stock breeders used in spring and summer until 1965 when it was completely abandoned.
Agroexpo Eurasia offers farmers and stock breeders opportunity to stay up to date about new technologies and innovations.
A NORTH Wales farmer and one of the best known stock breeders of his generation has been made an Associate of the Royal Agricultural Societies.
A NORTHWALES farmer and one of the best-known stock breeders of his generation has been made an Associate of the Royal Agricultural Societies.
Aleksandar Dimkovski comments in Nova Makedonija on the protests of the stock breeders, tobacco farmers, grape farmers, and other farmers, which, as he notes, are repeated every year just before the start of the purchase of their goods.
There are larger gatherings of stock breeders there.
The first is aid (Aid N[degrees] 293/2005) establishing a credit line for supporting investment in irrigation/water supply systems by stock breeders in order to guarantee/improve the conditions of watering of their livestock in regions affected by the drought.
After the Northfield debacle, Jesse - who had married his cousin, Zerelda Mimms - and his brother, Frank, who also took a wife, established themselves as farmers and stock breeders in Nashville, Tenn.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Foods is set on providing more funds for stock breeders, without requirements on the number of animals or what their kind should be, as announced in a press release on Tuesday.
The project will also improve food availability by promoting and evaluating bat-friendly pastoral practices for cattle owners and stock breeders.
5 denars per liter, are not enough for the Macedonian stock breeders to either raise or improve production.
This year, Show President, Alun Evans CBE, DL, FRAgS, has been actively involved in promoting the Show and is keen to generate confidence amongst stock breeders after last year's Foot and Mouth outbreak.