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the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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A number of studies have found evidence for stochasticity leading to noise-induced transitions in midlatitude circulation regimes, especially over the Pacific-North America region (Jung et al.
Our results comparing cow-calf and unaccompanied female harvest strategies appear robust to exclusion of empirically-based variations in reproductive rates (density-dependent twinning, reproductive pauses) and inter-annual stochasticity in vital rates.
Along with the stochasticity of transit services, the uncertainty in travelers' perceptions on different types of travel costs can be also regarded as a source of stochasticity in a transit routing problem [8,27, 28].
In order to estimate the true population sizes from the observed population count data we relate adult and juvenile population sizes between years using the following distributions, which also take into account demographic stochasticity.
With the change to RDDL in IPPC-2011 that made heavy use of exogenous stochasticity, concurrency, and general reward (cost-optimal) objectives in a finite horizon setting, the winning approaches in IPPC-2011 shifted to variants of Monte Carlo tree search and in some cases, online value iteration.
The use of a binomial distribution in the population model incorporates demographic stochasticity, the random variations in the number of individuals that happen to die or reproduce in a given year even when the expected rate remains constant (Begon et al.
ABSTRACT: Predicting spatial distribution of large herbivore foraging is important for successful management, but accurate predictions remain elusive against a background of multiple causes modified by environmental stochasticity.
This mainly happens because small populations are strongly affected by demographic stochasticity, and multiple introductions buffer the effects of environmental stochasticity (Simberloff, 2009).
The stochasticity of asset failures are included in the core engine, which is programmed in MATLAB and is connected via MLE+ to the EnergyPlus model.
Stochasticity Grapefruit Slam IPA Stone Brewing Co.
It does this most basically by incorporating demographic, environmental, and genetic stochasticity into a population model that is unique to the target species.
Weed control decisions have to be made each year and the effects of these decisions on weed densities are subject to stochasticity.
weberi are driven by its specific requirements for habitat, the limited availability of appropriate habitat, and the potential impacts of environmental stochasticity on populations of the plant and the pollinators (B.
Although environmental variation is necessary for preserving ecological processes (Everard, 1996), extreme environmental stochasticity is detrimental to population persistence because of reduced population growth or carrying capacity (Lande, 1993; Lande et al.
Mar 18-21 6th International Workshop on Stochasticity in Fusion Plasmas.