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the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan

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The proposed neural circuit relies on the stochasticity of the memristor-a nano-scale multi-state device that can switch between its states and change its resistive properties in a non-deterministic fashion.
More generally, we recommend that researchers studying grassland birds incorporate the influences of climate variation in their sampling and modeling designs because of the ultimate and interactive nature of climate stochasticity.
Therefore, the only stochasticity in the optimization problem will be due to asset failure events [omega]([phi]', t), which are governed by Weibull distributions.
Our panel, heavily populated with hopheads as it is, thoroughly enjoyed Stochasticity.
14) Instead of employing risk factor fluctuations, which are then translated into changes in the firm's risk-bearing capital, our model directly builds upon the stochasticity of the market values of asset classes and liability categories.
Formation of adequate investment portfolio for stochasticity of profit possibilities, Property Management 4(2): 100-115.
Consequently, the frontier and technical efficiency results derived from deterministic methodologies could lead to biased estimates because those methods do not address stochasticity in the empirical model.
It must be noted that only 10-13% of the total compositional variation could be explained in this study, leaving a large fraction to hypothetical unmeasured variables or stochasticity.
30) Instead, we should exhaustively search out an explanation based in natural regularity and stochasticity, without assuming design.
There is no doubt that concentrating attention on stochasticity of the real processes in the past we could more reliably answer the question of "what.
The idea of the stochasticity of demand and supply has been brought into the study of evacuation (Smith 1991; Talebi and Smith 1985) in which evacuation plans are built using a statedependent queuing model.
Among the topics are tools for mathematical epidemiology, introduction to discrete-time epidemic models, incorporating stochasticity in simple models of disease spread, modeling the epidemiological and economic impact of HIV/AIDS with particular reference to Zimbabwe, and greedy algorithms in economic epidemiology.
Because our analysis was limited to assessing the effect on overall attack rates and the costs and benefits associated with this, rather than outputs such as daily case counts, the influence of stochasticity at the simulation level should be relatively minor.
Moreover, because of the built-in stochasticity, such simulations generate data that are much more biologically realistic and interesting than deterministic models that generate results from mathematical formulae.
Key words: Alberta, Alces alces, density dependence, harvesting, moose, predation, stage/sex population model, stochasticity, wildlife management.