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a short straight stick of wood

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For a look at what Stob is still asking about the three R's, read on.
Useful information: If by any chance you turn up at the Stob Pyramids on March 14, you should not be surprised by the crowds on the meadow where the path starts.
Contrariwise, Henry Stob describes the relationship between love and justice as "partners in every area of human existence.
Stob added that the appealing new lotion pump will distinguish new products and create powerful on-shelf differentiation.
Seeking Understanding: The Stob Lectures, 1986-1998.
Alistair Stewart, 31, fell from the Gearraonach Ridge on the 3,657ft Stob Coirne nan Lochan in the Lost Valley above Glencoe.
A spokesman for Northern Constabulary said the man had slipped while climbing Stob A Ghiais Choire in the Glencoe area.
There are place-names in Moray, Ross, Argyll and Ayrshire which mention an Albanach - an inhabitant of `Scotland' (Alba) - for example, the mountain in Argyll called Stob Coir, an Albanach, `stob of the corrie of the Scot (Albanach)'.
The men are believed to have been killed instantly when they fell on Stob Coire nam Beith, a 3600ft Munro top in the southern part of the glen.
The 500-plus members of Teesmouth Bird Club also support feeding stations at Billingham Beck Valley, Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park, Coatham Stob near Eaglescliffe, and North Gare near Seaton Carew.
Paul Stob is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Vanderbilt University.
We still don't know how it could have happened unless he ran into a stob or somehow suffered blunt force trauma (but there was no visible external wound).
About halfway to the point where the bull had stood, I noticed a stob sticking up off a log.
Ryan Holmes Puppy Cup: 5-2 Honey Trampas, 3 Droopys Kentucky, 5 Magna Vogue, 11-2 Farley Blitz, 8 Droopys Power, 10 Magna Chuckle, Speed Lee, 12 Looks N Money, 16 Droopys Ranger, Honey Impact, Munster Champ, 20 Luttons Chico, Stob The Lad, 25 Droopys Safina, Russanda Chief, 40 Ringtown Johnny, 66 Quernhow Stan, 100 Rockchase Costa.