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fastened with stitches


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Using Computer Software looks at photorealism and how to originate your design on a computer; and finally, Outside the Hoop explores projects not stitched on canvas.
ISLAMABAD -- The tailors have allegedly doubled their rates in federal capital due to increasing number of customers in their shops to get their clothes stitched as part of early preparations for Eid festivities.
The rosette was done entirely with overlay except for a lane stitched border.
For my quilt called "Home Fires," I stitched little houses down the center of a 2 1/2" fabric strip backed with stabilizer (photo 1).
He runs a blog and wrote a book, "Push Stitchery: 30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Stitched Art'' (Push Stitchery/Lark Crafts, 2011).
To chain-piece, feed pairs of fabric pieces to be stitched under the presser foot one after the other, without cutting the sewing threads between them.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Bed Sheet Stitched,Coir bed Mattress with Rexin cover, Size,Counter Pan,Stitched Draw Sheet White, Casement cloth, Draw Sheet Green, Casement cloth,Red Blanket Woolen, Baby Blanket Red in colour,Stitched Abdominal SheetStitched Surgeon Shirt, Sky Blue Crease Free Terri cotton, with LNH LOGO on pocket, Stitched Pajama with Mayani, Sky Blue Crease Free Terri Cotton, Stitched Patient Shirt of cotton poplin cloth, Crease Free,Stitched Patient Pajama with Mayani, Poplin Crease Free,Stitched OT Surgeon Gown, Green Casement Cloth Bleached, double flapper with cuff interlock, Length 52", Chest 62", Sleeves26, Stitched Surgeon Maxi of Terricot, Color,Stitched Gynae Sheet, Size: 60"x90";
Kuwahata found inspiration for STiTCH in an old embroidery ring from Japan, which is made in delicate softwood and stitched together with cherry bark.
The stitched dresses would be distributed among the women.
ISLAMABAD: High-ups of the federal police have given unstitched uniforms to 10,000 police officials and directed them to get it stitched from private tailors.
of the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, in England, found that women stitched with synthetic sutures had less pain in the three days after giving birth, and took fewer painkillers over the next 10 days.
2 : to make, mend, or decorate by or as if by sewing <My mother stitched up my torn pants.
Also, the stitch length during knitting process has been modified based on numerical modeling of stitched length and cam degrees relationship.
Fold the remaining two pieces of ribbon in half, and sew the folded ends just inside of where you stitched the strap.