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fastened with stitches


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Lastly, the horsehair bunches, in natural blond and Rit 'golden yellow', were stitched together with a piece of artificial sinew and 8/o blue pony beads.
Picture a sampler stitched with lyrics from Stephen Sondheim or Snoop Dogg; scenes from "Poltergeist'' or Harry Potter; portraits of Lena Dunham or Grumpy Cat; cross-stitched burgers, asparagus, cupcakes or kimchi.
Rest the quilt in your lap while stitching and support the stitched quilt on a table behind your sewing machine after it is stitched.
Stitched Bleached Casement cloth in Blue/Green Colour with hole,Stitched Gynae Legging, Bleached casement cloth, White Colour, in pair, Standard,Door/Window Curtain, Polyester Cloth,Stitched Children Pajama of Poplin cloth, For children up-to 5 and 10yrs Length 32" Bottom.
The stitched dresses would be distributed among the women.
ISLAMABAD: High-ups of the federal police have given unstitched uniforms to 10,000 police officials and directed them to get it stitched from private tailors.
of the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, in England, found that women stitched with synthetic sutures had less pain in the three days after giving birth, and took fewer painkillers over the next 10 days.
2 : to make, mend, or decorate by or as if by sewing <My mother stitched up my torn pants.
Also, the stitch length during knitting process has been modified based on numerical modeling of stitched length and cam degrees relationship.
Fold the remaining two pieces of ribbon in half, and sew the folded ends just inside of where you stitched the strap.
Half of the remaining children were stitched, half not.