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a hand-operated reciprocating pump

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I believe Blue Watch, from those Gaviscon firemen on television, were on permanent duty in my throat with buckets of sand, stirrup pumps and a hose blowing fresh air.
ANOTHER night, tense, waiting, black-out curtains pulled tight, lights down low, The anxious silence, then the trickle of fear as the banshee wails, the siren we all know, Searchlights, pencils in the sky poking, probing the evil shadows in the black of night, Droning aircraft somewhere up above, terrifying sounds of fire and bombs and flashing firelight, Bells ringing, stirrup pumps, shouting, screaming, The plop of falling bombs, The ack-ack guns, the noise and flak, huddled under blankets in our shelter tombs, A chink of daylight, a sense of relief once more, the wonderful silence as war fades, Out into daylight, the smells and sight of war and death, surviving yet another air raid.
The exhibition is backed up with wartime objects including gas masks and stirrup pumps.
The exhibition displays wartime objects such as gas masks and stirrup pumps and offers activities including a trail around the museum, part of which was destroyed in the May Blitz of 1941.
CONDOMS and trusses and stirrup pumps - Benny Hill's dad made his living selling surgical appliances.
The company produced 75 different parts for Spitfire fighter planes, over 280 parts for Lancaster bombers, parts for Sten guns and over a quarter-of-a-million stirrup pumps.
To serve as Air Raid Wardens and man the stirrup pumps