stirrup iron

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support consisting of metal loops into which rider's feet go


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He had broken his right leg badly, just below the knee, in a freak fall at Kempton when a stirrup iron suddenly and horrifyingly shattered, pitched him off flat out and put him off work for four months.
Mullen said: "She went down in the stalls and I snapped a stirrup iron in the incident but luckily one of the starters had a spare one on him.
The horses had wind operations on the same day in the summer and Williams was able to survive losing a stirrup iron at the final fence before Royal Auclair's success in the Badger Ales Trophy.
He fell at the first on Kohoutek in the Talbot Hotel Handicap Chase, his foot was trapped in the stirrup iron and the horse rolled on him.
Apprentice Chris Hayes was suspended for seven days for attempting to weigh out with a brand of stirrup iron that is banned in Ireland.
The champion jockey just lost second to outsider Zerlina after losing his right stirrup iron in the final strides.
I discovered an inexpensive little device called a `Barnes Buckle' that fits between the stirrup iron and leather and will break apart, thus releasing the iron from the leather if a force is applied of the type that would occur if a
However, Alan Crowe had an anxious moment when his mount made such a bad mistake at the first hurdle after passing the stands that the champion amateur lost a stirrup iron, and the winner came in with a cut on his stifle.
Cahill lost a stirrup iron soon after the start, but the stewards found that he had made no serious attempt to regain it, had continually restrained his mount until approximately five furlongs out, and had failed to ride Jakisha with sufficient vigour and determination when his mount was running on strongly.
One of the most feared accidents is when a rider is unseated, with his/her foot trapped in the stirrup iron.