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Synonyms for stipendiary

(United Kingdom) a paid magistrate (appointed by the Home Secretary) dealing with police cases

receiving or eligible for compensation

for which money is paid

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Togba continues that while awaiting his lawyer at the court, Stipendiary Magistrate Bana allegedly convened the case and rendered judgment, requested him to pay bond fees of US$300 or go to jail, adding that in the process of talking with Magistrate Bana, he was prevented by court officers, who engaged him into a serious scuffle in an attempt to handcuff him but he resisted, leading to the damaging of his uniform, losing of phone and money.
The 46-year-old, who enjoyed six Group 1 wins among a career total of more than 1,400, is looking forward to the new challenge and said: "I'm delighted to accept the position of stipendiary steward after spending 27 years as a jockey.
The stipendiary said: "I came into court today with an open mind in this case.
According to announcement, the candidates having Seat Nos: 2002, 2035, 2061, 2066, 2088, 2101, 2120, 2131, 2132, 2140, 2141, 2157, 2183, 2187, 2198, 2206, 2301, 2313, 2372, 2378, 2379, 2386, 2398, 2464, 2469, 2482 and 2084 have been declared successful in the written part of the competitive examination for the selection of stipendiary candidates for M.
District Judges used to be known as Stipendiary Magistrates.
Our God is a God who lavishes scarce resources on the strictly uneconomic, Bishop Martin told the meeting as members debated the pros and cons of parish share allocation and collection rates, The Church of England has a duty to serve the people of the parochial system, and that''s why we need to maintain the allocation of stipendiary ministers set by the national church.
Among the characters who filled the aisles was a priest who bore a resemblance to stipendiary priest Philip Chadwick.
District Judge Mr Miles McColl was given his first appointment as a Stipendiary at the city courts, in 1994.
The criminal work that remains will then be carried out by professional lawyers known as District Judges (formerly Stipendiary Magistrates).
But at Glasgow District Court yesterday, stipendiary magistrate John Robertson said: "I want a DVLA printout and a personal appearance by the accused.
So when the post of district judge (formerly known as stipendiary magistrate) for the city became vacant, with the retirement of William Probert, he was one of the first to apply.
A nudity campaigner arrested after allegedly being found naked in public may be barred from attending his own trial if he refuses to wear clothes, a stipendiary magistrate warned yesterday.
The unpaid lay magistrates - also known as justices of the peace or JPs - will be replaced by stipendiary magistrates, legally qualified professionals on a salary.
Stipendiary magistrate Peter Davidson remanded him in custody until November 16.
Stipendiary magistrate Josephine Maclean was made redundant by her cash-strapped council employers in July.