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supporting stalk or stem-like structure especially of a pistil or fern frond or supporting a mushroom cap

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Stipe Miocic wins by 5 round decision                33/20
Table 3 showed the results of treatment mean for the length of stipe or stem in centimeter at every 8 days 0f harvesting.
In our study, the total FA (TFA) content relative to dry weight in blade and stipe was 0.74% and 0.26%, respectively.
Legend: A -soil, B--volva, C--stipe, 10 mm from the substratum, D--stipe, 20 mm from the substratum, Estipe, 30 mm from the substratum, F--stipe, 40 mm from the substratum, G--stipe, 50 mm from the substratum, H--stipe, 60 mm from the substratum, I-stipe, 70 mm from the substratum, J--pileus at the center of the stipe, K10 mm away from the center of the pileus, L--20 mm away from the center of the pileus, M--margin of the pileus
"I was presented an amazing opportunity to have a long-term impact on recreation planning and design on a system-wide basis, as opposed to one park at a time," said Stipe, head of SCJ Alliance's Landscape Architecture group.
As an active, touring band Stipe have taken every opportunity to perfect these songs; perfecting the hits and the gems.
Stipe noted that Reagan Consulting hosted more than 150 agent/broker leaders at its biennial mergers-and-acquisitions and perpetuation workshop in April.
Photographs offresh sporocarps were also taken to view various parts suchas pileus surface stipe and pore surface.
New York, Sept 17 ( ANI ): Michael Stipe has revealed that if President Obama uses his songs for his election campaign he would love it.
And now we're going to walk away from it," frontman Michael Stipe said in a statement on R.E.M's website.
The ultimate homage to Michael Stipe and his band-mates, REM UK will play all their heroes' 80s and 90s classics as well as more recent tunes.
front man Michael Stipe exclaims, "Hey baby, this is not a challenge, it just means that I love you as much as I always said I did" A few tension-filled bars later each musical strand coalesces into a powerful refrain that witnesses Stipe's exuberant declaration, "Discoverer!"
- singer-songwriter Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck and bassist Mike Mills - references successes from the past while forging ahead to the future.
So when Michael Stipe belts out: "Let's show the kids how to do it" on their latest album - Collapse Into Now - it's tempting to think he is just trying to convince himself.