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supporting stalk or stem-like structure especially of a pistil or fern frond or supporting a mushroom cap

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Stipe Miocic wins by decision or technical decision  7/1
Table 3 showed the results of treatment mean for the length of stipe or stem in centimeter at every 8 days 0f harvesting.
Legend: A -soil, B--volva, C--stipe, 10 mm from the substratum, D--stipe, 20 mm from the substratum, Estipe, 30 mm from the substratum, F--stipe, 40 mm from the substratum, G--stipe, 50 mm from the substratum, H--stipe, 60 mm from the substratum, I-stipe, 70 mm from the substratum, J--pileus at the center of the stipe, K10 mm away from the center of the pileus, L--20 mm away from the center of the pileus, M--margin of the pileus
Stipe makes the most of the natural wonders in the Pacific Northwest, embracing snorkeling in the Pacific, Nordic skiing outside Leavenworth at Icicle Creek, snowboarding at Mission Ridge and kayaking on the Columbia
s resident lonely heart/space cadet Stipe sleepwalks through his morning ritual of taking his medication, making breakfast and (what is wishful thinking on his part) combing his hair, all in an effort to better prepare himself for the everyday rat race.
The stipe abruptly unbends and, along with the pollen balls, swings out and away.
In order to test the main and interactive effects of spawn grain, medium, oil type and rate of amendment, pileus and stipe diameter, stipe length and wet and dry weights of fruiting bodies were recorded and the data subjected to factorial analysis of variance [26].
There was no let up in the pace as the punchy almost punky new songs like I'm Gonna DJ slotted in well with old favourites like Drive, Fall On Me and The Great Beyond though Stipe did struggle at times with a broken microphone stand, harmonica and sheets of lyrics.
The crowd were especially vocal as Stipe damned the US Government before launching into their last single, a storming Man-Sized Wreath, and a passionate Ignoreland from their classic albumAutomatic For The People.
Should Mr Stipe rouse tomorrow morig with a similar eelig of uaase then Td imagie, come curtain up, he'll mange to do a pretty good job of keepig it hidden ad actig the shiny happy person up there oistage.
BEFORE they recorded their first album in four years, Michael Stipe & Co hired a Dublin theatre and road-tested the new material, tweaking some songs, ditching others, based on audience approval.
The researchers compared not only these three species, but also wild versus cultivated fungi and three different botanical parts: the whole fruiting body, the pileus (cap) and the stipe (stalk).
Singer Michael Stipe and bassist Mike Mills from rock giants REM could play at the Carling Academy 2 with bandmate Peter Buck, who is touring with his hobby band Venus 3.
Michael Stipe is, to use Winston Churchill's quote about Russia, "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" - and the world of popular music is richer for it.
Stare, the live recordings, extensive B-sides, and alternate mixes are nice, but wouldn't longtime listeners prefer the elusive Michael Stipe duet "It Might Hurt a Bit" to yet another version of "The Waitress"?