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It is evident that the spider observed here was not moving about randomly, but was persistently remaining within the vicinity of a sapromyiophilic stinkhorn fungus.
belonging to the tribe Cyllodini, which group is known as visitors of the fruiting bodies of stinkhorn fungi.
The festival - the arboretum's only fund-raiser of the year, which netted about $25,000 last year to provide environmental education for local school children and also maintain the trail system around Mount Pisgah - has exhibits of more than 350 mushrooms with names such as Dead Man's Foot, Stinkhorn, Belly Button, Witch's Butter and Pigskin Poison Puffball.
In the Northeast we call this a veiled stinkhorn mushroom.
An exclusive program, "For the Woman with Love," will feature well-known classical and jazz music, including music by Ellington, Gershwin, Copland, Stinkhorn, Dunaevsky, Garanyan, Dreznin and many others.
The new species of stinkhorn mushroom, dubbed 'Phallus drewesii', is two inches long, grows on wood, and is shaped like a phallus.
Inkcap, fly agaric and stinkhorn are all types of what?
Pictures of an Amazon leaf frog and a veiled stinkhorn stand out as two of the more difficult shots: that particular species of frog only comes down from the canopy once a year to lay eggs in still water; Stephen found his shot with the aid of a naturalist friend.
Linnaeus noted similarities between plant parts and human anatomy when he named the pink-flowered butterfly pea Clitoria mariana and a stinkhorn species Phallus.