stink bomb

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a small bomb designed to give off a foul odor when it explodes


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But he denied the charge of assault, in which prosecutors say a 24-year-old whaler suffered chemical splash burns to his face, during a February 11 confrontation when Sea Shepherd activists hurled the butyric acid stink bombs.
But those venues aren't always available; the stink bomb incident occurred when the group met in Esslinger Hall, on the main campus just north of McArthur Court.
On the eve of the climate summit, Annie Leonard--the creator of the Internet phenomenon "The Story of Stuff"--threw a stink bomb into the debate over how best to address runaway greenhouse gas emissions.
Unlike the air in my car, it became clear the pranksters had planted a stink bomb at the bottom of my handbrake.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa could have tossed this stink bomb to the ash heap and saved voters the trouble in November.
He reached around in his bag until he pulled out a stink bomb.
Researchers are now putting the final touches on "the ultimate non-lethal weapon" -- a stink bomb (also available in artillery and small-arms rounds) so potent it will make people panic, gag, and run away in uncontrollable fear.
Making his eyes well up over your sentimental words is good; causing them to tear up from an unintentional stink bomb is not.
After he was caught using fake Social Security numbers (he doesn't think anyone has a right to his real number) and setting off a stink bomb outside an IRS office, he was jailed for 3 years starting in 1997.
Soft money" -- the stink bomb of campaign finance -- is another creature of regulation.
The golf course greens were destroyed and a stink bomb was set off and it was all focused at us," said Petow.
So far, VideoJug's users have already contributed some great videos to the Made by You channel- showing other users how to spin plates, build a stink bomb, or get your dog skateboarding
If you pursue an unjust long-term diplomacy policy, then people will dare to explode a stink bomb at your door while you are on holiday, you are inviting your own humiliation," Yu posted on Weibo about North Korea's ill-timed test.
It's like a stink bomb has been let off in the room and the others don't quite know where to put themselves.
Then he samples surstromming, a fermented herring that smells like a stink bomb.