stink bomb

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a small bomb designed to give off a foul odor when it explodes


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But those venues aren't always available; the stink bomb incident occurred when the group met in Esslinger Hall, on the main campus just north of McArthur Court.
Among its more bizarre projects are anti-traction chemicals to create road slicks, sticky foam to immobilize adversaries, sophisticated stink bombs ("malodorant grenades") to disperse rioters, and the "people zapper"--the Vehicle Mounted Active-Denial System, a Humvee-mounted directed-energy weapon for crowd control.
TWITTER is turning out to be a bit like a stink bomb in the hands of Indian politicos.
I had the brilliant idea of leaving a stink bomb in the girl's restroom, unaware that a teacher was in one of the cubicles.
It's like a stink bomb has been let off in the room and the others don't quite know where to put themselves.
Then he samples surstromming, a fermented herring that smells like a stink bomb.
But one afternoon last week was spoiled by a stink bomb in the Wilkinson's store.
The Portland-based American roots-rock band the Strange Tones will let off a stink bomb Saturday at Mac's at the Vet's Club, 1626 Willamette St.
Tom van den Belt is now threatening to set off a stink bomb if the noise doesn't stop.
He said his idea of a joke was "setting fire to people's scripts or putting a stink bomb under the toilet seat".
If you pursue an unjust long-term diplomacy policy, then people will dare to explode a stink bomb at your door while you are on holiday, you are inviting your own humiliation," Yu posted on Weibo about North Korea's ill-timed test.
She also admits a public order offence after trying to set off a stink bomb outside a neighbour's property in the early hours of the morning.
Because there was a strong whiff of copycat about setting Stacey and Dom Joly the task of winning food and drink for the camp on a secret mission which started with letting off a stink bomb.
It is a stink bomb canister that emits foul smells when swear words are used.
But the stink bomb blew up in Kerry's home town of Boston, site of the Democratic convention, the moment The Associated Press reported it.