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a multicellular hair in plants like the stinging nettle that expels an irritating fluid

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Stems basally 2-4 mm thick, sparsely covered with stinging hairs (2-3 mm long), trichomes scabrid (up to 1 mm long) and glochidiate (0.3 mm long).
Stems rarely basally lignescent 3-5 mm thick, sparsely to densely covered with stinging hairs 3-4 mm long, scabrid trichomes (ca.
10-30 cm, crowned with persistent leaf rosettes, (3-) 5-8 (-10) mm in diameter, densely covered with stinging hairs 3-4 mm long and glochidiate trichomes 0.1-0.3 mm long.
Leaves with petioles 10-50 (-80) mm long; lamina narrowly ovate to triangular-ovate, 20 x 17 to 140 x 60 mm, pinnate-pinnatifid to pinnatisect with 5-9 lobes on each side, with proximal pair of leaflets often free; leaf lobes up to 20 x 12 mm, margins grossly serrate to pinnatifid with 2-4 lobules/teeth on each side; adaxial leaf surface sparsely to densely setose with stinging hairs 3-5 mm long, and covered with scabrid trichomes up to 0.6 mm long; abaxial leaf surface esetulose or with scattered stinging hairs 2-3 mm long on major veins only, densely covered with scabrid trichomes 0.4 mm long and sparsely with glochidiate trichomes ca.
In addition to the pain, I found that the stinging hairs are also shed continuously and cause an allergic reaction to anyone who remains close to these plants for more than one hour.
It is interesting that many native mammals and birds are not deterred by the stinging hairs, while the relative newcomers to Australia: humans, dogs and horses are adversely affected.
Both are eaten by many rainforest birds, regardless of the stinging hairs. The seeds are then spread via bird droppings to other parts of the rainforest, where they sit in the soil waiting for the next break in the canopy and the chance to do it all again.
The stink bugs' legs and antennae look like the caterpillars stinging hairs. Predators that don't like stinging caterpillars may stay away from the stink bugs as well.
The newly high-profile arachnid has a defense mechanism that includes releasing stinging hairs that dig into predators' eyes and people's skin.
Some species of caterpillars are armed with stinging hairs and these can cause caterpillar dermatitis.
The plant and stinging hairs of this species contain high levels of both leukotrienes and histamine.
But don't let that deter you since you will not be working with the stinging hairs, but rather the dried leaves, which can be purchased at a local herb store.
Their stinging hairs, grazed my legs, creating tiny stings much like an ant bite.