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Dishonesty (68%), rudeness (66%) and stinginess (33%) are the three least attractive traits in others.
My husband does not complain, but I am ashamed of her stinginess.
Striking options seemed to be the primary concern for both Jackett and Wolves fans, though in recent weeks the defence has been put under intense scrutiny; this is unbelievable considering their stinginess last term, conceding only 31 goals in 46 league games.
My wife went for the warm goats cheese salad served with cranberry sauce on mixed leaves (PS5:95) and was impressed by the taste and size of portion with no stinginess shown on the cheese.
This is not a call for stinginess, to deprive you from that alluring feeling of giving and helping others, but it is a guarantee that your resources are directed to the right places, to where you actually intended.
The Oregon offense has been rewarding the defense's stinginess this season with clutch second-half performances.
The criteria for nomination included strength, integrity, good moral character, being generous without extravagance, being frugal without stinginess, flexibility without weakness as well as other qualities relating to experience, abilities and academic credentials.
New Hampshire's supposed stinginess when it comes to charitable giving is often explained by its low religious population, and therefore more limited donations to religious groups.
But I believe that stinginess truly is the halitosis of the soul, and that any utterance of the old saw "Never a borrower or a lender be" is a sure sign of a Scrooge who would prefer to sit rubbing his sticky paws together on his filthy pile than share a bit of joy around.
It is nice, of course, to have a perfect tree, but my stinginess makes it hard for me to cut a sound tree when we can cut down one that is dying anyway.
Aboard the Cardiff-Glasgow sleeper bus, a consequence of the harsh economic realities we keep hearing about, I am assessing whether to be grateful for my stinginess or cursing it.
Most people are prone to harmful habits such as lying, quick anger, backbiting, envy, calumny, jealousy, suspicion, mockery, arrogance, selfishness, defamation, disbelief, spying, speaking ill of others behind their backs, stinginess and the like.
This new scale consisted of 41 behavioral descriptors including boldness, jealousy, friendliness and stinginess amongst others.
Pared almost to the point of stinginess, her sentences never waste a phrase or even a word.
I think the goalkeeper has had an exceptional season so far," said the Ulsterman, praising the stinginess of Belgian shot-stopper Simon Mignolet.