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Unable to take her husband's stinginess any longer, Sameeha immediately returned to her family and filed a case for divorce.
The report also reveals that the couple had been married for only forty days when argument about her husband's stinginess arose.
Much of this stinginess has perhaps been down to the approach of some opponents, content to sit and hold out rather than create and threaten themselves.
Although Shahid has been vocal about Mansoor's (alleged) stinginess - among the many reasons why Verna is a commercial and critical failure - he has always expressed faith in the superstar's acting talent.
The Harts had 20 years together and if her husband's small minded stinginess is anything to go by - she deserves every penny of that PS3.
Generosity is the opposite of stinginess, as stinginess is a disease of the heart.
How pleasing to see these two women, so apparently different, but both united in the knowledge that stinginess truly is the halitosis of the soul.
that out corns acluelk% transmitting in the countries participating in the projct on the renforcemenl of capacity-building and technical assistance for I "implementation of national implementation plans%tivre (PNM) of the Stockholm Convention in the countries Atricains least stinginess (LDC) of I% rOuest Africa, and in particular: odors, fumes, the solid particles in Pair, releases of dioxins and furancs.
My husband does not complain, but I am ashamed of her stinginess.
Striking options seemed to be the primary concern for both Jackett and Wolves fans, though in recent weeks the defence has been put under intense scrutiny; this is unbelievable considering their stinginess last term, conceding only 31 goals in 46 league games.
The Oregon offense has been rewarding the defense's stinginess this season with clutch second-half performances.
The criteria for nomination included strength, integrity, good moral character, being generous without extravagance, being frugal without stinginess, flexibility without weakness as well as other qualities relating to experience, abilities and academic credentials.
New Hampshire's supposed stinginess when it comes to charitable giving is often explained by its low religious population, and therefore more limited donations to religious groups.
This new scale consisted of 41 behavioral descriptors including boldness, jealousy, friendliness and stinginess amongst others.
I think the goalkeeper has had an exceptional season so far," said the Ulsterman, praising the stinginess of Belgian shot-stopper Simon Mignolet.