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in a stingy manner

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This approach does not necessarily demand that commanders employ their resources stingily, but it does require them to have a firm grasp of cost fundamentals, a willingness to think beyond narrow operational concerns, and the courage to propose a broad range of measured applications of power.
America's new policy lodestars should be: Conceive security interests narrowly, use military power stingily, pursue enemies persistently, share responsibilities equitably, and watch and wait.
By contrast, he proposes that America should "conceive its security interests narrowly, use its military power stingily, pursue its enemies quietly but persistently, share responsibilities and costs more equitably, watch and wait more patiently.
The amount that the university is so stingily hanging onto?
For there to be no overall Grand Slam winner (10-11 Sporting Odds) is stingily priced, but the most likely shot.
Will ``Nightingale'' performers other than Redgrave (the play premiered in London with good friend Caroline John performing it) wax over ``Beanie'' and the sugar mice she stingily begrudged her grandchildren on Christmas Eve?
1) Who has claimed that Nature has dealt stingily with the character of women, and has drawn their virtues within narrow bounds?
But, on the other side, it may be noted that too many injured people are still not being compensated, and many are compensated too slowly and too stingily.
all the beautiful toys, as it were; not given stingily or grudgingly--but five, ten feet deep, perhaps, scattered like beautiful flowers so far as color and form was concerned, on that white sand, until you felt you could not tell the dear Father enough how grateful you were.
Her bathrobe has come open at the top, but stingily, showing only the middle of a black bra.
Public schools are bad, wages are low, strikes and illegal land seizures are increasing, unemployment and crime are high, jails are horribly overcrowded, and electrical power (think air conditioning) is stingily rationed.
The right to choose the language of a criminal trial, as provided by section 530 of the Criminal Code, and the fight to government services in one's choice of official language clearly envision the imposition of positive obligations on the government; however, it remains a matter of interpretation whether these obligations are to be construed expansively or stingily.
germ scientists, programs to keep them employed have been stingily funded.
Surely the job of those who claim to abhor injustice and suffering is not to stingily parcel out compassion as if it were a finite commodity.
Other baddies are the bishops who stingily hoard the considerable power of the black church.