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Synonyms for stinger

a cocktail made of made of creme de menthe and brandy

a remark capable of wounding mentally

a portable low altitude surface-to-air missile system using infrared guidance and an impact fuse

a sharp organ of offense or defense (as of a wasp or stingray or scorpion) often connected with a poison gland

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a sharp stinging blow

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And the sketches he drew as a boy eventually became the inspiration for Kia's 2011 GT Concept and six years later, the Stinger itself.
Setting out from Newquay where the Stinger showed its awesome power during a 'V-Max' run along the runway at the former RAF St Mawgan airbase, the car proved a delight to drive.
The Stinger is on sale now in the UK, and we are very confident our award-winning performance car will be a great success.
Several different Stingers will be available including one powered by a diesel engine but if we want to find out if Kia can build a sexy car, we'd better try the hot one.
Even when shifting manually there's nothing abrupt about its manners, and even driven for maximum pleasure the Stinger averaged 27 to the gallon - just short of the official fuel return of 28.
A sport+ setting slackens offthe stability controls and, pushed hard, the Stinger can feel a little tail happy, but that's engineered in to allow for some drifting where the conditions allow.
Its fastback lines are highlighted by power-conveying highlights such as louvred vents on the bonnet and behind the wheel arches and with four exhausts protruding from the rear, the Stinger has real muscle-machine presence.
The Stinger with a 255-hp, turbocharged four starts at $31,900.
The Stinger is also fitted as standard with an innovative Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system to combat distracted or drowsy driving.
Pound for pound the Stinger is right on the mark and being a Kia it comes with a seven year warranty which in this league is unprecedented.
The Stinger is beautifully designed with curvaceous sweeping lines, a long rippled bonnet, muscular shoulders, short front overhangs, finned gills behind the wheel arches, a large grille and sporty air intakes.
Delivering exhilarating power, the KIA Stinger will be available with a choice of either a 2.
Gold Tip and Bee Stinger shooters ruled the event in the unknown yardage divisions.
One solution is to use medium-gauge wire for the stinger, or back half of the rig, but hide it in the skin of the bait.