sting operation

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a complicated confidence game planned and executed with great care (especially an operation implemented by undercover agents to apprehend criminals)

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In a sting operation carried out by j Tak, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee head Arvinder Singh Lovely said a case under prevention of corruption act can also be filed against Kejriwal for his decision to give subsidy.
We obtained prosecution permission to have Amir arrested in a sting operation.
He also claimed that one of the men was at the hospital undergoing surgery during the sting operation.
A news channel showed in a sting operation on February 25 that in the name of opinion polls in this country, a racket is running.
Fulfiling its promise made soon after coming into power, the P government in Delhi launched a helpline number to deal with corruption and promised that the action would be taken within 24 hours of the sting operation.
A health inspector [who was part of the sting operation team] accompanied me.
The 24-year-old told judges he didn't remember the Cypriot's role in the sting operation, only that he was present in the car.
An earlier phase of the sting operation was conducted at a location on the Northside.
com', which conducted a sting operation on m dmi Party (P) candidates, on Wednesday filed a criminal defamation case against Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, and four others.
COMING to the rescue of members accused of agreeing to accept cash through illegal means, the m dmi Party on Friday refused to withdraw the candidates from the poll fray and said that they will file a criminal defamation case against the media portal for showing a " doctored video" of the purported sting operation.
at a residential flat [where the unlicensed laser treatments were being operated as part of a beauty salon] posing as a client as part of a sting operation.
He argued that a crime did not occur during the first sting operation, on October 8 last year, when police opened fire on a boat.
And now a sting operation on P leaders has raised questions about the credibility of the party.
The police raided the area after a sting operation.
A police narcotic department investigation led to the suspect and a sting operation was set up in co-ordination with a secret source.