sting operation

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a complicated confidence game planned and executed with great care (especially an operation implemented by undercover agents to apprehend criminals)

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 25 ( ANI ): Maharashtra Bharatiya Janata Praty (BJP) leader Raj Purohit on Wednesday denied a sting operation that was reportedly conducted on him.
Police arranged with the manager and convinced him to cooperate with them and have the clerk arrested in a sting operation in Al Ghusais area.
by rebel Congress legislators but later on admitted that he was on camera in the sting operation.
As per details, in a sting operation, ARY News anchor Iqrar-ul-Hasan entered the Sindh assembly building along with one of the crew members carrying a pistol, without being checked by the security guards.
The lawyer was then arrested along with a fourth suspect following a sting operation.
The sting operation code-named `Operation Janmabhoomi' was based on the interview of 23 leaders, who were allegedly in the forefront of the demolition.
A sting operation carried out by an online portal, Cobrapost.
Anticipating the move, the police had already installed cameras to conduct a sting operation.
The sting operation was code-named 'The Prince' after the nickname of the armed gang's leader.
He told the inquiry that showbiz reporter Rav Singh called him in August 2002 and forewarned him he was to be subject of a sting operation where a girl would call him and tempt him to reveal personal details about himself.
WEST Midlands Police revealed they caught the gang after launching a sting operation and sending officers to pose as customers.
A PHARMACIST from Huddersfield was caught out by a sting operation which led police to millions of stolen tablets.
GRAFTON - During a public hearing this week, selectmen reprimanded J & J Tavern at Highfields Golf and Country Club, 150 Magill Drive, for serving alcohol to a minor during an undercover sting operation last month.
In a ``shoulder tap'' sting operation intended to catch people purchasing alcohol for minors, the teen approached 22 people Wednesday outside four businesses.
ON JULY 23,1999, Billy Don Wafer was arrested along with 45 other residents of Tulia, Texas, in a drug sting operation that would eventually attract nationwide attention.