stimulus generalization

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(psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus

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Stimulus generalization and equivalence classes: A model for natural categories.
The fear of stimulus generalization may be unjustified by the fact that the problem behavior was already occurring at steady rates in the classroom, suggesting that it was under control of relevant stimuli in the classroom prior to functional analysis.
The stimuli are lines that vary in length, a stimulus dimension that is well suited for research on stimulus generalization and peak shift (cf.
However, at some point, perhaps following more exposure to additional adult females, stimulus generalization occurs and soon every adult female is called "mama" or "mommy.
This study investigated stimulus generalization of parenting skills to the home during PCIT.
Stimulus generalization involves reinforcing verbal communication in the presence of different stimuli, such as new peers, adults, or different environments, such as new situations or settings.
Patterns of stimulus generalization vary with experience.
Failure to find evidence of stimulus generalization within pictorial categories in pigeons.
Keywords: Perspective-taking, Relational Frame Theory, Theory of Mind, stimulus generalization, response generalization.
A future challenge for our behavioral engineering will be to develop procedures to refine the discrimination skills of our monkeys such that stimulus generalization is a less likely outcome.
This process of transfer of function and stimulus generalization may explain the negative views towards persons of Middle Eastern descent that have come about since the terrorist attacks on the United States.
Perhaps, therefore, unspecified or uncontrolled primary stimulus generalization effects among the stimuli could be used to explain the findings of the current study (see Hoon et al.
With this in mind, we point out that the teacher should have at least three objectives for the classroom for academic subjects like reading, all of which influence the teacher to change academic stimuli in very important ways so that stimulus generalization can be achieved.
While response generalization is certainly welcomed, the applied behavior analyst is often most concerned with stimulus generalization.