stimulus generalization

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(psychology) transfer of a response learned to one stimulus to a similar stimulus

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The stimuli are lines that vary in length, a stimulus dimension that is well suited for research on stimulus generalization and peak shift (cf.
However, at some point, perhaps following more exposure to additional adult females, stimulus generalization occurs and soon every adult female is called "mama" or "mommy.
This study investigated stimulus generalization of parenting skills to the home during PCIT.
Although the phenomenon of response generalization is a natural setting in which to apply the test of probabilistic independence to decide whether an intervening variable should be introduced, it might seem at first glance that the phenomenon of stimulus generalization is much less amenable to this treatment.
In fact, stimulus generalization would be expected to be enhanced considerably by the process of "naming" in which parents usually indulge.
A more subtle difference among the panels is that a greater degree of stimulus generalization was observed in participants trained on a simultaneous basis than those trained on a successive basis.
Furthermore, it does not fit the definition of response and stimulus generalization (Cooper, Heron, & Heward, 2007).
Future studies should evaluate response and stimulus generalization to game probes without experimenter interference.
Stimulus generalization can also be seen in language learning.
Increase over time in the stimulus generalization of acquired fear.
Keywords: stimulus generalization, FCT, response generalization, developmental disabilities, severe problem behavior.
Stimulus generalization, stimulus equivalence, and response hierarchies.
Although exact explanation of the uneasiness with functional analyses is unknown, three behavioral concepts should be explored in attempting to understand the functional analysis carryover effects, or the lack thereof: (a) extinction burst, (b) stimulus generalization, and (c) establishment of new contingencies.
Keywords: Perspective-taking, Relational Frame Theory, Theory of Mind, stimulus generalization, response generalization.
These results suggest, first, that retarded acquisition after extinction of a conditioned taste aversion might be the result of latent inhibition produced by extended experience with the flavor during extinction and, second, that attenuation of aversion to a test excitor on a summation test might not reflect any specific learning process but be simply due to stimulus generalization decrement.