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capable of arousing or accelerating physiological or psychological activity or response by a chemical agent

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Ronan Carr, BofAML's European equity strategist, said "investors expect Eurozone inflation to rise and find monetary policy too stimulative, putting the ECB's signaling powers to the test.
The future tax can arise only if and when interest rates and inflation have risen, and when banks are creating new credit and deposit money, multiplying the stimulative effect of the initial money-financed tax cut or expenditure.
That way, less money would be siphoned off by the federal government and the stimulative effect on the economy would be amplified.
monetary policy is too stimulative also dropped, from 39 percent in August to 36 percent in the most recent survey, which was conducted Feb.
Federal Reserve's path toward rate hikes and stimulative monetary policies in the euro zone and Japan has helped the dollar index hit an eight-year high this year, and is likely to remain a key theme in 2015.
Federal Reserve's path toward rises in interest rates next year and stimulative monetary policies in the euro zone and Japan drove the dollar index to a more than 8-1/2-year high on Tuesday.
The cost of the income tax rate cut could be held to $200 billion by removing some tax expenditures, like special tax breaks for various forms of real estate investment, sugar, and other arbitrary measures that distort investment incentives and forfeit tax revenue needed now to finance stimulative lower tax rates.
Ibon said that nearly half of the DAP had not gone to stimulative spending because it went to no- or low-impact projects.
All the stimulative monetary policy of the past should continue to support expansion in the interest-sensitive sectors, including housing, autos and capital spending.
Weak inflationary pressures require the central bank to continue its stimulative monetary policy," Fullani said, Reuters reported.
There will be a general election in the UK in 2015 and that will be mildly stimulative.
Zubair Mughal- Chief Executive Officer of Al-Huda CIBE anticipated that the future progress of Islamic Banking in Africa, it will not only increase the economic and trade undertakings in the above mentioned countries but also it will be a stimulative cause of national development and growth in GDP.
We expect increase of the budget revenues of 2013 with political stability in place, the stimulative grants will be provided for development too," the Prime Minister said.
This would be very stimulative and would cost the taxpayer effectively nothing.
central bank rate-setting committee concluded with members deciding to stay the course, the institution said in a statement Wednesday, undertaking yet another month of the stimulative bond-buying program known as QE3 the Federal Reserve embarked on a month ago.