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stimulating evacuation of feces


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Stimulant laxatives speed up the movement of your bowels by stimulating the nerves that control the muscles lining your digestive tract.
What is the role of stimulant laxatives in the management of childhood constipation and soiling?
The original concern grew out of studies that showed that animals exposed to stimulant laxatives like senna or cascara lost nerves in their colon, raising fears that the colon would become flaccid and need removal once it stopped functioning," Dr.
This is generally true for diuretics and stimulant laxatives as well, but special considerations apply.
It can take 14 days of stool softening followed by 3-5 days of a stimulant laxative (such as bisacodyl or a senna-based medication) to fully clean a child out.
Minutes of the Special Working Group on Stimulant Laxative Substances in Foods (FDA Food Advisory Committee, June 7-8, 1995)
Thompson also recommend Senekot when a natural stimulant laxative is needed.
Castor oil is a stimulant laxative that may cause thorough evacuation of the bowels within 2-6 hours of ingestion (10); the strong purgative action of castor oil also can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, and long-term use may reduce the absorption of nutrients.
Electrolyte disturbance: Any theoretically possible electrolyte disturbance by stimulant laxative use can be minimised with appropriate drug and dose selection
The company said CLENPIQ is a ready-to-drink cranberry-flavored, a premixed liquid solution, dual-acting, combination of sodium picosulfate, a stimulant laxative, and magnesium oxide and anhydrous citric acid, which forms magnesium citrate, an osmotic laxative indicated for cleansing of the colon as a preparation for colonoscopy in adults.
4 40 kneading (before-after) * Agiolax is a combination bulk and stimulant laxative not readily found in the United States.
These two groups were compared for age, sex, shape of stool, abdominal symptoms, existence of hemorrhoids, Kampo diagnosis of abdomen, past stimulant laxative use, duration of stimulant laxative use before the first administration of rhubarb, duration of rhubarb use in our hospital, and initial existence of stimulant pain caused by taking stimulant laxatives for the first time.
An herbal stimulant laxative made with standardized organic senna leaf extract, organic ginger rhizome and organic licorice root, Organic Smooth Move Senna provides gentle overnight relief from occasional constipation.
Tenders are invited for Liquid Stimulant Laxative Minimum Containing Milk Of Magnesia 11.