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SRT, which employs classic conditioning and suggestion mechanisms, is an efficacious method used so that subjects reproduce effects of stimulant drugs. Apart from the aforementioned subjective effects, the possibility of reproducing increased performance in concentration tasks has been observed with SRT (Amigo, 1994), such as the physiological effects of a drug: tachycardia (Amigo, 1992b, 1997), brain activation with brain imaging techniques like SPECT and EEG (Amigo, 2005), the concentration of glutamate in blood (Amigo, Caselles, Mico, & Garcia, 2009), and the dynamics of gene regulators like c-fos (Mico, Amigo, & Caselles, 2012) and DRD3 (Amigo, Caselles, & Mico, 2013).
The results obtained in this study indicate that Ritalin and other stimulant drugs of central nervous system stimulant delay fatigue, so that the athlete performs dangerously beyond their normal capacity; often athletes are unaware of the inability of the blood circulation and are brought to dangerous situations; this lack of information brings complications including including cardiovascular collapse, high blood pressure responses, the risk of orthopedic injury, seizure, coma, stroke and at ultimately death [20].
Two other drug peddlers were held by the Dhofar Police Command for smuggling a large quantity of qat, a stimulant drug derived from a shrub.
Captagon is a stimulant drug popular in the Middle East.
That coordination can be seen in the Union's rising concern over use of the stimulant drug 4-methylamphetamine - a substance that in most member states is not controlled under drug legislation.
A MOTHER of four was remanded in custody yesterday accused of smuggling a banned stimulant drug from Britain to America.
FOUR more people have been charged following an investigation into a network suspected of smuggling a banned stimulant drug from Britain to America.
That was in Madagascar, and she discovered that the stimulant drug khat (qat to scrabble players) is of great importance in the economic and ecological transformation of the region.
Amman, Oct.31(Petra)-- Public Security workers at one of the northern border centers foiled an attempt to smuggle 90,000 pills of the illegal stimulant drug Captagon.
The drugs found were DMMC, a class B stimulant drug.
Detective Superintendent brian Usher said: "MDMA is a stimulant drug and its effects are unpredictable.
The 78-year-old actor has been seen on TV all over China singing the praises of the stimulant drug USA Selikon.
The initial focus of Life After is on recovery from methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant drug that has had devastating effects on communities, workplaces, homes, and families.
Because of this increased risk, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that any child being started on a stimulant drug for ADHD should have a baseline electrocardiogram (ECG).
Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), methamphetamine is "a stimulant drug that can have devastating medical, psychiatric, and social consequences."