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a pantry or storeroom connected with the kitchen (especially in a large house) for preparing tea and beverages and for storing liquors and preserves and tea etc


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lVarious on-line learning resources including Basic Food Hygiene and Health and Safety, NVQ Food Production Knowledge test lInteractive whiteboards in some of the catering theory rooms lNew stillroom area for restaurant kitchen * New and refurbished stillroom area for bistro kitchen lNew lecture demonstration theatre lLaptop computers for student use lCoVE Website lNumerous staff development events such as five-day visit to New York to culinary arts institute, three-day visit to Port Rush in Ireland to further develop the foundation degree in culinary arts, two-day chocolate and sugar demonstration by a leading confectionary and sugar demonstrator Ildo Nichollelo, five-day bread making course
Recipes and ways of distilling medicinal 'cordials' are often to be found in the 'receipt' books of the period, where a day-to-day record would be kept of activities in the kitchen, the garden and the stillroom.
Behind the barrel was a small, narrow passage leading to the second stone room, the stillroom itself.
4) It is in the work with the land, and subsequently in the kitchen or stillroom in the making of medicine, that food studies, too, may become part of the "material turn" but only with the recognition that the material and the cultural are ultimately inextricable.
At 17, it's quite likely most of your growing has already been done - although there's stillroom for a little more.