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Synonyms for stillness

Synonyms for stillness

(poetic) tranquil silence

calmness without winds


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a state of no motion or movement

References in classic literature ?
The little group of black specks with the flag of white had been swept out of existence, and the stillness of the evening, so it seemed to me, had scarcely been broken.
The fear I felt was no rational fear, but a panic terror not only of the Martians, but of the dusk and stillness all about me.
There were now a few minutes of fearful stillness, during which Heyward well knew that the savages conducted their search with greater vigilance and method.
Among the savages a frightful stillness succeeded the explosion, which had just been heard bursting from the bowels of the rock.
The knocking, which was now renewed, and which in that stillness they could plainly hear, troubled them.
In the midst of this stillness it was rather startling when Colin half lifted his head and exclaimed in a loud suddenly alarmed whisper:
It was very faint and very far off, but it /was/ a sound, a faint, murmuring sound, for the others heard it too, and no words can describe the blessedness of it after all those hours of utter, awful stillness.
And this stillness of life did not in the least resemble a peace.
By and by, out of the stillness, little, scarcely preceptible noises began to emphasize them- selves.
The hooting of a distant owl was all the sound that troubled the dead stillness.
The stillness consequent on the cessation of the rumbling and and labouring of the coach, added to the stillness of the night, made it very quiet indeed.
So now, after all this bustle of preparation, the town and province were left in stillness and repose.
But stillness and repose, at such a time of anxious expectation, are hard to bear.
Now melody can hardly be still because it's a progression of musical notes, and therefore can't be relevant to stillness.
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