stillborn infant

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infant who shows no signs of life after birth

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When the family's wishes regarding the stillborn infant were known to the healthcare professionals, an environment of openness and safety was created (Bennett & Synders, 20ii).
The scar of Farewell ultimately connects the individual death of an infant with the collective deaths of modern warfare, illustrating that the choking death of Hemingway's stillborn infant is not a gratuitous symbol after all.
Moving outside the intimacy of the couple, parents of stillborn infants often struggle with the reactions of family and friends.
Records of the hospital's PPIP database from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015 show that there were 8 795 deliveries, including 346 stillborn infants, of whom 249 weighed >1 000 g and 97 weighed between 500 g and 999 g.
While the vast majority of babies continue to be safely delivered, the stark national figures show that mothers with diabetes who do not follow advice are five times more likely to have stillborn infants.
Weeks later it was left reeling when two more stillborn infants were recovered from a second attic - at her new address at nearby Forsythia Close.
All four women who had stillborn infants presented to the relevant health service, and the stillbirths were recorded.
The mementoes - which include photographs and cuddly toys - were removed from a garden dedicated to stillborn infants.
He said families of premature and stillborn infants from all backgrounds and cultures have deeply appreciated the infant gifts and prayers.
There were over 2,000 miscarried or stillborn infants on Merseyside, but more than 1,000 cannot be identified as they were not properly labelled and the preservative formalin stripped them of their DNA.
Anatomy of the facial nerve in fetuses and stillborn infants.
Tissues from stillborn infants in Atlanta during the mid-1960s--prior to the 1972 phaseout of DDT in the United States--contained DDE concentrations as high as 650 ppb in the brain, 850 ppb in the lung, 2,740 ppb in the heart, and 3,570 ppb in the kidney, Kelce's team notes.
If one adds the enormous number of stillborn infants and maternal deaths to this list, it exposes the deplorable state of health care delivery in Pakistan.
According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control, the incidence of spina bifida in both live and stillborn infants is falling.