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hunt (quarry) by stalking and ambushing

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Caption: Glassing from a distance or closer in during a still-hunt is a standard way to find mule deer in their semi-open habitat.
My game plan was to still-hunt through some secluded meadows along a river, reaching the saddle with all the rubs around mid-morning.
A last big bonus of the lone-wolf hunt is that you can switch treestands, move ground blinds, still-hunt, or stalk when you want.
As I headed back toward camp, I displayed the "gumption" to at least still-hunt along slowly, since I was still in prime deer habitat, during the rut, with a bow in my hands.
It was about 9:30 when I decided I'd get up and start out, but still-hunt my way around a huge thicket on the way to the vehicle.
If you routinely spook deer in the mornings before dawn, consider waiting until it gets light enough to shoot then still-hunt to your stand.
Sensing that my kids were serious about my getting a buck that day, I eased to the front of the pack and began to still-hunt down the road again, this time with my family about 20 yards behind me.
With other hunters entering and exiting their stands or attempting to still-hunt, these high-traffic areas can be red-hot throughout the day.
If you can't ambush this wretched bird as he goes to or from the roost, you must still-hunt, and use your binocular more than your call.
Harris also prefers to still-hunt early in the morning or late in afternoon, when deer tend to be on the move.
We decided to leave the blind and still-hunt the timber to see what we could find.