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the act of stigmatizing

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Media Hurts: Perspectives of People Living with HIV on HIV Stigmatization in Chinese Media Discourse.
ZS) stigmatization  of mental health in Afghanistan the greatest barrier to addressing it.
The Council also appealed to AU partners to assist in the fight against stigmatization and discrimination of people from the countries most affected by the epidemic.
He warned against the stigmatization surrounding the outbreak and reminded that the Ebola is "spread through contagion, it is not spread airborne.
Ultimately, the ban on gaymarriages is wrong and stigmatization of an entire population that is discriminated for its sexual orientation and the excuse is "traditional values," Arsovski comments.
The stigmatization of persons who have had mental health problems has been widely attributed to the way these individuals have been portrayed on television and in movies (Diefenbach, 1997; Granello, 2000; Granello, Pauley, & Carmichael, 1999; Klin & Lemish, 2008; Philo, Secker, Platt, Henderson, McLaughlin, & Burnside, 1994; Stout, Villegas, & Jennings, 2004; Stuart, 2006; Wahl, 1997; Wilson, Nairn, Coverdale, & Panapa, 1999).
Even as DOH mulls such mandatory testing, giant steps are necessary to increase public awareness of HIV, concretize a comprehensive plan that is sufficiently financed and end stigmatization and discrimination against HIV.
However, stigmatization and shaming often fail to work.
Stigmatization was highlighted as an important problem in psychiatry.
Fear and stigmatization in the context of HIV/Aids is prevalent whereever you go in the world today.
Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General James Cole, "both of whom emphasized the importance of helping incarcerated parents maintain relationships with their children, and lessening the trauma and stigmatization these children often endure," according to the report.
2 ( ANI ): Two topless female protesters from the infamous Ukrainian-based group FEMEN jumped into the Russian embassy in Stockholm to protest against the country's anti-gay bill and stigmatization of homosexuals.
The rapporteur also reported "a smear campaign and stigmatization of defenders and activists working on abortion issues.
2) However, in line with this symposium issue, I emphasize the insufficiency of Durkheim's structural and holistic focus, and the need to understand stigma not just as a reflexive product of society, but as the result of a series of institutional "practices" (3) of stigmatization by various international criminal justice actors.
In response, the CDC is funding a program to target at-risk young people and to address the related issues of stigmatization and homophobia.