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the condition of having or being marked by stigmata

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(optics) condition of an optical system (as a lens) in which light rays from a single point converge in a single focal point

normal eyesight

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Although the participant described many positive supports during her pregnancy, the one negative reaction seemed to remain salient; she stated, "I believe there's still so much negative stigmatism about women having babies, and this person exemplified it.
Increased education is also needed to help the women of Uganda overcome the cultural stigmatism associated with the use of medical interventions during childbearing.
According to Zimmerman, this process of erasure not only produces an "internalized colonial and racial stigmatism," making Puerto Rican communities vulnerable to paralysis and violence, but also results in a "creative verve" responsible for a prodigious tradition in the written, sonic, graphic, and fine arts (p.
detailing victims' experiences to overcome stigmatism of rape by confronting their rapist)
As Regis Pierret asserts, "can we talk about an interstitial community, the stigmatism preventing any type of complete identification.
They follow the game in spite of the limited coverage and the stigmatism that may accompany it.
Internationally, there's no cultural stigmatism attached to Utah.
By making autism visible, communities became more knowledgeable and understanding, and instead of sending feelings of isolation and stigmatism, communities became a family of support.
NACW's resolve to save black children from racial stigmatism and oppression became all the more imperative after the Supreme Court handed down the Plessy decision just two months prior to the NACW's founding convention in Washington, D.
Kaplan, PhD, USAAA's Chairman, expressed concern that the continued speculation on the perpetrator's diagnosis attaches unwarranted and dangerous stigmatism to autism spectrum disorders.
Eyes: He wears reading glasses for his farsightedness and stigmatism, EOMI, and PEE.
Yes, there were checklists and surveys that the returning Marines filled out, but no one wanted to "deal with the stigmatism behind it," according to Mr.
This shift has allowed the earlier years of those in need of assistive technology and the negative stigmatism attached to it to be lifted as it is now accepted by all.
But this would not happen unless stigmatism around HIV-AIDS was dealt with.
Attempting to maintain their life-long social networks in their rural communities was important to a number of the dementia care networks, while others were concerned with the stigmatism and safety of the person with dementia.