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the condition of having or being marked by stigmata

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(optics) condition of an optical system (as a lens) in which light rays from a single point converge in a single focal point

normal eyesight

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The 22-year-old, who bats in glasses because of a stigmatism, made his maiden Championship hundred in only his seventh first-class match as Sussex gained a first-innings lead of 45 despite losing their last five wickets for 56 runs in 15 overs after lunch.
He said: "I had a stigmatism but back then the surgeon wasn't comfortable about doing the procedure.
We need to work together to change the stigmatism associated with our state.
Whereby, social inclusion and resiliency to bereavement, discrimination, homophobia, racism, HIV stigmatism, AIDS phobia and hopelessness is supported by an ontological framework of self-trust and resilience--potentially enabling contexts of risk behaviour to prevail less in sexual relationships.
But in the context of any Asian community - which, as I said, is unmercilessly conservative - it's not only seen as an incurable societal stigmatism, it's positively demonic, a sign of a perturbed mind.
Lee hypothesized that in addition to the stigmatism involved in bilingual education, there might have been issues related to student placement.
Parents indicated concern as to the child's willingness and ability to follow strict diets and treatment regimens at school, where there was the likelihood of stigmatism and peer pressure.
Obviously, feminists worked hard to make divorce easier and to change the stigmatism linked in the US to single parent families.
But fair is fair, and it was an RKO commentator who opined, "Everyone in America knows there is a stigmatism attached (to politicians) from Massachusetts.