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Synonyms for stigmatise

to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful

mark with a stigma or stigmata


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Dawes said: "The inappropriate and wholly unnecessary use of outfits could stigmatise people with mental illness.
Many theorists suppose that our instinctual tendency to stigmatise evolved from the need to adapt to life in small bands or groups.
ELTON John yesterday launched a scathing attack on the "fascists and idiots" who continue to stigmatise AIDS.
Put simply, we need to understand the everyday life worlds within which people stigmatise and are stigmatised, because, contrary to how stigma might be presented as a constant, it is not something uniformly applied to leprosy affected people across different contexts.
Mr Blair denied the scheme would stigmatise poor mothers.
WITH regards to the criticism made by Tory MP Alun Cairns of food bank users, I'd like to say that I feel he is totally out of order to stigmatise people in this way.
We have to stigmatise this behaviour, the same way we stigmatise littering in the street," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Makary as telling the conference in Auckland.
Although family members, particularly mothers, often provide much needed support for the mentally ill, they can also be the source of negative attitudes that stigmatise these patients and impede their recovery.