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held in check with difficulty

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The post Man City stifled by battling Newcastle appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Coconut scale insects: The farmers voice is stifled not only on macro issues like the coconut levy, but also on specific ones.
pushed off with his fingers, releasing a stifled wooden sound.
Instead, they risk becoming a lost generation of caged tigers stifled by a lack of business finance.
Razov, who led Chivas with 14 regular-season goals -- three in four games against the Dynamo -- nailed the attempt, making up for getting stifled by defender Wade Barrett on what seemed a sure breakaway goal in the 18th minute.
The Defense Watch column in the July 2006 issue, "Defense Stifles Innovation Despite Urgent War Needs," missed a quite important point: While Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen is of the opinion that it is stifled innovation that hurts the troops, it is I believe more a problem of our constipated procurement system.
Similar lab tests by Srivastava's group indicate that capsaicin induces suicide by tumor cells, while O'Kelly and his colleagues found signs that compound stifled cell proliferation in some tests and induced cell suicide in others.
In those countries where religion enjoys privileges--Britain, Italy, Ireland, Spain, or Iran--that establishment support seems to have stifled faith.
Copyrights, patents, and similar government-granted rights serve only to reinforce monopoly control, with its attendant damages of inefficiently high prices, low quantities, and stifled future innovation, they write in "Perfectly Competitive Innovation," a report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
Recognizing that the concept of sustainability combined with the Precautionary Principle could have disastrous consequences if innovation and technologies are stifled in favor of the status quo.
At the time of the Black Arts Movements of the sixties and seventies, he rejected the idea of a "black aesthetic" believing it stifled the creative freedom of the black artist.
One conclusion that can reasonably be drawn from these collected essays is that the imaginative response of architects working in this field in Britain continues to be stifled by expediency.
We do not believe Oftel has stifled the growth of Internet services.
Here's hoping that such a "calling card" will not curse Downing with the "success" of becoming a creatively stifled director-for-hire dictated to by other people's money and ideas.
Its message could easily fit on a postcard: creativity is often stifled by order.