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Synonyms for stifle

Synonyms for stifle

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

to decrease or dull the sound of

to keep from being published or transmitted

to stop the breathing of

Synonyms for stifle

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It works by reducing cranial drawer with a thick suture that attaches at the upper caudal aspect of the stifle near the femur.
MISA said: "Democracy and the development of any country is dependent on critical thinking by individual citizens and think tanks engaging in research, and no measures should be enacted that will stifle, restrict or obstruct that.
Gary Moss and Harry Varley look to stifle Northwich
I fear it will stifle developments and so stifle the growth of the economy.
PA), Michel Pebereau, opined that regulators should move with caution regarding the proposed capital rules, because they could stifle economic growth.
Key words: cruciate ligament, fibula, extracapsular stabilization, lateral suture technique, stifle joint luxation, orthopedics, avian, trumpeter hornbill, Bycanistes bucinator, African grey parrot, Psittacus erithacus
Falling commodity prices, remittances, foreign direct investment, tourism and the freezing of global capital markets all combined to stifle the recent African boom," Standard & Poor's agency said in a statement.
Summary: The Dalai Lama marks his 50 years in exile by demanding meaningful autonomy for his Tibetan homeland, where Chinese authorities tightened security to stifle protests against their rule,confirms a member of Tibetan parliament-in-exile on Tuesday.
The 2-0 lead came in the 68th minute, and just in time to stifle the emotions of Juan Pablo ``Loco'' Garcia, who was playing his first game since spraining his knee Sept.
Keep in mind that business Leaders often argue that too much regulation can stifle economic growth, while labor unions often complain that businesses won't act properly unless they are required to do so.
Stephen Green, director of Christian Voice, said, 'Muslims want this law so they can stifle legitimate criticism of their religion.
The alliance claims that the patents threaten to stifle technological innovation and raise fundraising costs for non-profits, according to the NIA.
You cannot stifle free speech because you don't want to hear it," said Judge Dembe.
This is a bad and dangerous precedent that could be invoked in future to stifle debate on other divisive social issues.
Regulating a market characterized by "uncertainty" as though it were deterministic imposes sanctions on unforeseeable events that stifle free market innovation and adaptability.