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Synonyms for stifle

Synonyms for stifle

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

to decrease or dull the sound of

to keep from being published or transmitted

to stop the breathing of

Synonyms for stifle

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However it causes lameness because the stifle will not bend as usual until the patella pops back into place and it can, if not managed correctly, lead to the development of premature arthritis in the stifle joint.
For this, your dog will lie on his side and you will gently move his stifle through flexion and extension.
Significant soft tissue swelling around the right femorotibiotarsal (stifle) joint was evident, and the area appeared painful, as the bird vocalized with gentle palpation.
Under right lateral recumbency, the left stifle was secured perpendicular to the table.
It works by reducing cranial drawer with a thick suture that attaches at the upper caudal aspect of the stifle near the femur.
State veterinarian Elizabeth Daniel said she noticed "a little soft tissue swelling in Shared Belief's right stifle".
MISA said: "Democracy and the development of any country is dependent on critical thinking by individual citizens and think tanks engaging in research, and no measures should be enacted that will stifle, restrict or obstruct that.
Gary Moss and Harry Varley look to stifle Northwich
by Kursha-Louise King DADS AND LADS There's a bond between dads and lads A bond not easily broken There's mostly love there too But mostly that's left unspoken Well he taught me many a thing Always be ready with a quip The drunken way that he'd sing The Sunday afternoon kip But girls I never brought in Cos he wouldn't let them draw breath They'd sit there listening to him As he chatted them half to death He laughed when I had my first shine Me nose all covered in foam But stopped and tried to act brave When my time came to leave him Well I learned how to stifle pain And how to stifle the tears But I'd have those days back again Me and dad, and a couple of beers by Andy Shaw, Rock Ferry
Veterinarians summarize the current understanding of the cruciate ligament rupture arthropathy to augment previous studies, which have focused on surgically treating the unstable stifle rather than the disease mechanisms.
"Falling commodity prices, remittances, foreign direct investment, tourism and the freezing of global capital markets all combined to stifle the recent African boom," Standard & Poor's agency said in a statement.
Summary: The Dalai Lama marks his 50 years in exile by demanding meaningful autonomy for his Tibetan homeland, where Chinese authorities tightened security to stifle protests against their rule,confirms a member of Tibetan parliament-in-exile on Tuesday.
Although cranial drawer movement is not eliminated, TPLO leads to the functional stability of the stifle joint during the stance phase of locomotion (REIF et al., 2002; BALLAGAS et al., 2004).
Beyond their cooling action, thick clouds of high-altitude pollution tend to stifle precipitation.