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Synonyms for stifle

Synonyms for stifle

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

to decrease or dull the sound of

to keep from being published or transmitted

to stop the breathing of

Synonyms for stifle

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Once all instrumentation was placed and the patient was considered stable, the right stifle joint was routinely prepared for surgery.
The technique is based on comprehension of the internal and external forces acting on the stifle joint (GUERRERO, 2003; HOFFMAN et al.
Stephen Green, director of Christian Voice, said, 'Muslims want this law so they can stifle legitimate criticism of their religion.
The alliance claims that the patents threaten to stifle technological innovation and raise fundraising costs for non-profits, according to the NIA.
Regulating a market characterized by "uncertainty" as though it were deterministic imposes sanctions on unforeseeable events that stifle free market innovation and adaptability.
This is a bad and dangerous precedent that could be invoked in future to stifle debate on other divisive social issues.
These therapeutic products, for both men and women, are recommended to stifle stress, smooth and clean both young and old skin and to serve as a reminder of the fresh aroma of clean mountain air.
To stifle a child's imagination and creativity would mean to stifle our own future, and ultimately our own Humanity.
But stifle that yawn; there are surprises in store.
The ACLU takes very seriously any efforts by public agencies to stifle, discourage, or regulate political speech," ACLU chapter president Henry Silverman said in a letter to the university's board of trustees.
Barry Rosner, a managing director of Williams who represented the owner of a major portion of the building, and was responsible for coordinating the transaction, said "One of the challenges in the current real estate market is to ensure that firms are not constricted by layers of obligations that might stifle their ability to concentrate on their core business.
Once again America's largest newspapers are trying to stifle competition and limit individual choice.
For more on how that kind of union thinking continues to stifle American productivity, see sidebar.