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material used for stiffening something

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The diverless bend stiffener connector being installed off the Ghana coast
r] preserved in the torsional stiffener constraint, and (3) the work V done by the externally applied force.
Under investigation of effect of stiffener it is necessary to get response at three questions: how to install stiffener--vertically or inclined; what are to be dimensions of stiffener; what is the critical rigidity of stiffener?
Based on their research, shear wall without stiffener has S-shaped cycle diagram, but when stiffener is added to the wall, cycle diagram gets thick i.
Pour some fabric stiffener into a little cup or dish.
The subsea technology firm has patented the automatic end fitting release system as part of continuing development of its Bend Stiffener Connector product line.
A stiffener bonded with a thermal setting adhesive generally cannot be removed without causing significant damage to the circuit.
The uniaxial behaviour of the steel bar stiffener is similar to that of the steel wall.
Alongside the expansion, Trelleborg states it will also upgrade its existing equipment to include new advanced polyurethane dispensing equipment and an upgrade of its current syntactic and static bending stiffener plant.
1 piece of Eskatuff stiffener 4 V inches x 26 inches
The building has 615,000 square feet, meaning ATK now has approximately 100,000 square feet committed to clean rooms which accommodate its patented automated stiffener forming technology and engine wrap machines.
5" bull-hide belt, regardless of whether you have ordered on internal stiffener of Velcro lining.
It has an easy-to-use flex probe that allows intake trolling on the ground and a stiffener to allow extended reach.
Airolite had decided that the stiffener was not needed because the louvers were more rigid than had been anticipated.