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having a stiff back

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Of course, we few "oldies" will mostly imagine we're parade-ground stiff-backed and guardsman-like in step, when, in truth, our vertebrae are stiff-jointed and our boots are not studded, but comfortable.
In fact, Bowden and Challenger aside, there was a stiff-backed music school tension about the place thoroughly at odds with the louche West Coast "cinema noir" flavour of Buckley's and Bowden's music.
He said: 'The envelope was a stiff-backed one and it was sent first-class.
It makes it seem like Catholics belong to either a north of a south pole--the stiff-backed ones stuck in the past who have no regard for anything or anyone after Vatican II, and the nice relaxed ones who are with the times and got the right message.
Readers weary of churchy, censorious New Englanders and stiff-backed Virginians infatuated with their humid plantations, towering abstractions, and lofty but compromised ideals will find Morris' principled, jaunty cosmopolitanism a rush of fresh air.
So he became "a stiff-backed Jewish atheist" whose first encounter with abortion took place when he was a medical student at McGill and got his girlfriend pregnant.
In contrast Matthew Dunphy and Sinead Matthews are adelightfully dotty pair of twins, Diana Quick as the feminist author mother and Nancy Carroll as her wouldbe stiff-backed but wobblyheir also add to the fun.
In our own time, of course, the word ``Victorian'' is typically associated with Dickensian industrial blight, brutal colonial exploitation and stiff-backed social customs camouflaging bizarre erotic predilections.
Their best animal impersonation involved walking on all fours, stiff-backed, heads nodding like broken pendulums.