stiff upper lip

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self-restraint in the expression of emotion (especially fear or grief)

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British history, Dixon argues, was far more tearful - and far more interesting - than the myth of the stiff upper lip would suggest.
According to a survey, the good old stiff upper lip stereotype has become a thing of the past, while calm queuing and apologizing unnecessarily are still part of English society, the Daily Star reported.
It will be a case of showing a stiff upper lip throughout November at the Ricoh Arena to raise awareness of prostate cancer.
Thus, your columnist Ian Parri (Daily Post, October 22) gets worked up about expressions such as you guys and calls for a British stiff upper lip .
But the times, they do a-change, and if Temple seems a bit melancholy about the freak flag flying at half-mast these days, he's keeping a stiff upper lip.
Behnke wasn't certain, however, whether they would be able to continue showing a stiff upper lip if the strike goes on for another week.
publishers we contacted in the past three weeks, some of whom almost apologized for the common refrain of their keeping "a stiff upper lip.
Airline gives us gay men in their everyday working environment who react to the volatility and irrational behavior of those around them with a stiff upper lip and an unflappable sense of humor, all without caving in to the absurd demands placed on them.
For Kelly, the example of her mother's stiff upper lip, sense of discipline, and attention to routine and standards of behavior kept young Cla ra and her brothers from realizing the full extent of their physical danger over those four years.
The traditional view of the stiff upper lip is totally outdated, says new research.
In a way, his stiff upper lip is Jackie Robinson-noble, but the reader can't help but wonder about the conclusion he draws about the nature of American racism.
The brainchild of Superintendent Gary Copson of the East London Force, Copson acknowledges receipt of such a card may be "unpleasant" for the recipient, but urges a stiff upper lip when the crooks complain of shattered feelings and ruined birthday parties.
Perhaps there is an element of wanting to let one's hair down--in England, at least, the rule about keeping a stiff upper lip does not apply to association football.
Actress Candice Bergen, who describes herself as 'a champion eater', is contemptuous of women who obsess about their weight He epitomises every Brit with an official stiff upper lip who turns out to pour out his or her innermost thoughts in waiting rooms and on buses.
A STIFF upper lip in the older generation is stopping some from reporting medical conditions that then end up killing them, a recent report tells us.