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an end of DNA in which one strand of the double helix extends a few units beyond the other

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In sticker systems, the initial sequences of DNA are prolonged to the left and right, producing computations of possible arbitrary length and the process stop when a complete double stranded sequence is obtained and no sticky ends exist [2].
Four days before they scraped through in Nicosia, Chelsea's sustained unbeaten run came to sticky end in Wigan of all places.
IN a smart tribute to Goldfinger, new Bond girl Agent Fields (Gemma Arterton) comes to a sticky end covered head-to-toe in black gold - oil.
There's an episode in a gaudy, eccentric sweetshop and the lady selling Caribbean vegetables tells the story of how another sweetshop proprietor came to a sticky end.
The problem is that pirates moved from ship to ship and often came to a sticky end,'' Dr.
Try writing anything other than Pardew should be hung, drawn and quartered and you yourself would be threatened with such a sticky end.
Paul will be attending alongside actor James Eeles, aka The Digbeth Kid, who also came to a sticky end in the hit BBC2 drama about a 1920s Brummie gang.
Supertato chases him through the cakes, cheese and beans and finally uses his cunning to corner him - let's just say the pea meets a sticky end.
But as he rushes to stop her from coming to a sticky end on the pavement below, Lauren explains that she'd rather be dead than locked up.
Thankfully, Smyth's book is absorbing enough not to risk it coming to this particularly sticky end.
Call 01686 625007 3 Ruby Red Tells Tales Join Ruby and Ella in their magical fairytale world where they meet a timid tiger, a (slightly) scary spider and a gingerbread man who meets a rather sticky end.
He would later join a rather more successful soap, EastEnders, before meeting a sticky end.
Curious, is it not, that an instrument can sound in ensemble like a swarm of angry bees, yet individually like a cry in the night that marks a sticky end for some four-legged creature out in the veldt?
The Strangers is a brilliantly tense and terrifying movie - once it gets hold of you, it never lets the suspense ease up and, oddly, it is even more powerful given the fact that you know the good-looking lead couple will come to a sticky end.