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a decorative pin that is worn in a necktie

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The link retrieves specific information from a number of resources, including database programs, appraisal reports, spreadsheets, photo albums, Web URLs or any other executable command by right-clicking on the geo-coded stickpins or icons.
The symbolic and concrete evidence of these new patterns of consumption were the diamond-studded stickpins, gold pocketwatches, and hard cash pedestrians conspicuously paraded while traversing the streets.
For example, an Appraisal Job Archive layer could be identified with dark blue stickpins, MLS sales with green stickpins, MLS listings in yellow stickpins, while public record characteristic information could be identified as orange flags, a list of appraiser resource names could be geolocated with a light blue triangle icon and environmental database information could be identified with red flags.
Morrison painstakingly describes the privilege of those with diamond stickpins, fine cigars and monogrammed silver, pointedly contrasting it with a world in which a child's bedroom is a luxury.
We can always back up with manual maps, and stickpins, and stuff like that," Maj.
The moneymen, gimlet-eyed, with peremptory chests, let their suits, cufflinks and stickpins, their oxblood shoes and railroad men's timepieces, speak for them.
Color-coded stickpins on giant maps illustrate the massive coordination of growers, volunteers, donors, fund-raising, and other administrative details that is vital to SoSA's programs.
Their heyday was between the wars - World War II and Vietnam, that is - but the '60s ethos largely relegated them to limbo along with tie tacks and stickpins.
Gentlemen porcupines wear stickpins In their neckties for all to see.
Yet behind closed doors, he is given to gray flannel suits and stickpins, and he clings to anachronistic rules handed down from his father, such as a taboo on employees drinking coffee in Banc One offices, and a ban on coming back to work after imbibing alcohol at lunch.
In their way--with pearl stickpins, donations to the church, and the like--even hustlers, gangsters, and fixers followed the code of respectability.