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a decorative pin that is worn in a necktie

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Hyperlink data to a geo-located stickpin or a customized icon on a map.
Two more characters are added to the mix: the sister's suitor, a Fonzie wannabe called Stickpin, and precocious black youngster Jeremy, who gets dropped off with the family's new television and simply becomes a part of the household.
The built-in XData Tab is a significant appraisal application tool that features an easy-to-use wizard-driven function to import from a few to several thousand data files to the map in minutes with the ability to hyperlink any file or program to a geo-located stickpin or customized icon on the map.
When in the city, which was most of the time, he dressed elegantly, wearing a derby hat, a silk cravat with diamond stickpin, a tailored tweed suit, and a velvet-collared overcoat.
Window shopping inevitably turned into the real thing, and we soon had scooped up a must-have whimsical sculpture by a favorite artist, a pair of unique hand-painted woman's blouses, and an old-fashioned gold stickpin that could have come right off Rhea Butler's cravat.
Here's a better way to peel hard-boiled eggs: using a needle or stickpin, punch hole in butt end of egg before boiling.
Its longing for the bash, the slit; a kind of careless hunger for a fight or a red ruby stickpin for a tie--either would do" (59).
He took a couple of flaring oil torches and stuck them on the side of the buggy; he put on a diamond stickpin and did card tricks and told funny stories till he had the crowd goggle-eyed.
I wrote that he told me, "I left Paris with a diamond stickpin in my silk tie, two bottles of Benedictine, and a wallet filled with francs.
Another estate find is the collection of jeweled gold stickpins ($300-$500).
Cut black felt ovals for cheek patches for your buck and attach them to the decoy with stickpins.
One of the gold memorial stickpins that Queen Victoria designed for her servants to wear on the anniversary of his death is expected to fetch about 1,500 pounds while the teapot is expected to fetch up to 7,000 pounds.
If only one map is available, it should be mounted (magnets, stickpins, tape, or clips are useful if the map must be able to be removed after the assignment) to a board/wall so that all groups have access.