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a form of baseball played in the streets with a rubber ball and broomstick handle

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The chapters are a true baseball potpourri, beginning with childhood memories of stickball, stoopball, and catch.
This type of Stickball is not to be confused with the sport that has the same name but is a baseball-related street game.
The disastrous events begin when the stickball players, hastily and out of jealousy, abuse an ocean-person.
I was about 8 in the 1950s when I played stoopball, boxball, hit the penny, kings, Chinese handball, punchball and stickball with my friends in a neighborhood now called Sunset Park in Brooklyn, N.
In "Hammer Man," a young female protagonist who owns a stickball and pitches pennies, hangs out with boys in the neighborhood so often that Miss Rose, her adult friend in the community, keeps calling her by her brother's name.
22) Thus, Cherokee drew on those beings that crossed boundaries as sources of power when going to war or competing in stickball games.
All of my friends, you know, we weren't necessarily athletes or anything, but we would play kickball or we would play in the street, kicking the ball back and forth in the street, and we played tennis and stickball and did stuff like that.
Nicky's effort to be a good friend to Lester, paired with his attempts to revive stickball in his racially charged neighborhood, teach him invaluable lessons about friendship and race--and empathy.
When you once again meet one of the special people who were there for that first black eye, the stickball three-sewer shot, the look through the telescope at a naked lady, the secret subway ride downtown, and on and on and on, no matter how much hair and how many teeth have disappeared, and wrinkles, limps, and lumps have appeared, it's like nothing happened between those magical times of growing up together then and now.
These are games children have played forever: dodgeball, stickball, jacks, hink pink, telephone, how to make a cootie catcher and shadow hand puppets, string and yo-yo tricks, capture the flag, ghosts in the graveyard, tiddlywinks and much, much more.
The action starts when they break a window during a stickball game and run away, leaving Father O'Malley (Crosby) to pacify the home owner and pay the bill.
He examines Luiseno dance and stickball in some detail, but his most revealing discussions center on indigenous concepts of spiritual power and religion.
I loved baseball like most boys growing up and played a lot of stickball.
There are all kinds of theories about why -- bigger meal portions, omnipresent corn syrup and sugar, fewer pickup stickball games after school.