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It sounds so cliched, but we need to look after each other, stick together, which is what we will do and keep going and keep battling," he said.
We had a good meeting and they do want to stick together and have a go.
Wayne Rooney Meanwhile, amid heightened security concerns in the wake of the Dortmund bomb attack, Anderlecht winger Massimo Bruno to call for everyone to stick together ahead of the Europa League quarter-final.
Saints boss Alex Rae watched as his side were booed off the park after failing to get their first win of the season - then urged everyone at the club to stick together.
An adhesion is scar tissue that can make your tissues or organs inside your body stick together.
DANNY BROUGH knows if the Giants stick together the Super League XXI wins will arrive.
There is no need to panic and we have to stick together as a team.
We are staying in South Wales, we have to stick together and regroup.
It's the way it goes sometimes but we need to stick together with five games to go and pick up that win or two along the way.
LIVERPOOL manager Kenny Dalglish expects everyone at the club to stick together to pull through their growing crisis.
Stick Together remains pretty unexposed over fences, and can excel over a shorter trip.
However, she isn't very happy with the jealous as she believes women should stick together.
3 : a substance used to make things stick together firmly
It should start getting tougher, but as long as we stick together and stay focused we'll be OK.