stick together

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Synonyms for stick together

be loyal to one another, especially in times of trouble

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He added: "If we are going to take anything from the game, as a squad, we're going to stick together and take positives.
creative with Jackett's three an " without There is no need to panic and we have to stick together.
She said: "I am adamant we should all stick together and fight for all the hospitals, not just one.
We are staying in South Wales, we have to stick together and regroup.
I believe it is a good opportunity to stick together.
After Friday night's performance, the faltering team could do with some improvement - but Walters insisted the important thing is to stick together as one.
It's the way it goes sometimes but we need to stick together with five games to go and pick up that win or two along the way.
LIVERPOOL manager Kenny Dalglish expects everyone at the club to stick together to pull through their growing crisis.
Stick Together remains pretty unexposed over fences, and can excel over a shorter trip.
However, she isn't very happy with the jealous as she believes women should stick together.
If we're going to get out of this confidence crisis or run of results, whatever you choose to describe it, it's not just important for the players to stick together.
It's not only about Sean Paul or TOK or Damian Marley; it's about the music, and if we want this music to last, then we have to stick together and unify
Not only do these tiny particles home in on tumors, but they also stick together once they enter tumors' blood vessels.
On a night when the temperature is below freezing, the molecules will not stick together in drops.
Normally, for the first--to--months of a walrus calf's life, the calf and its mother stick together in waters that are just a couple of hundred meters deep.