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Results: Use the meter stick to record the distance where the marshmallow lands in each trial.
Beat 7--Tap your left stick to the left stick of your partner.
A flywheel maintained the stick's momentum during contact with the ice, and the robotic hands allowed the stick to bend about two axes, storing and releasing strain energy throughout the shot.
If you don't stick to battery stick charging for your TS-4530/UPM radar test set, you won't be able to charge the stick-period.
I use my stick to help me keep my balance when I climb on big logs and when I walk on rocks to cross a creek.
Railway model enthusiast Jim Noble, pictured below, had appealed for his distinctive walking stick to be returned after it went missing at an exhibition.
This layer of fluid led scientists to think that the frog's wet toe pads cling to a surface by the same force that makes a damp piece of paper stick to a window.
Andrews in Fife, England, and his colleagues trained a high-ranking female in each of two chimpanzee groups to use a stick to release a food pellet from a ramp in a rectangular box.
For above-ground nests, the chimps used the lighter stick to poke holes in the dirt.
Joe used the stick size rather than the number of times that he would have to use that stick to generate a name for the fraction.
HOW many times have you gone out for a walk and taken a stick with you, or watched a child pick up a stick to beat bracken with?