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Synonyms for stewed

Synonyms for stewed

cooked in hot water

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The recipes she shares include how to cook various parts of the pig from the router to the tooter ; other meat dishes, including everything from stewed turkey wings and pot roast to a Low Country boil; what Tyson calls stone soul sides, including crackling cornbread, hoecakes, and, of course, different kinds of greens; soups and stews including oxtail and fish head stew and Everything in It Vegetable Soup ; and desserts to sell your soul for.
Also, Nabrzyski and Gajewska reported that the levels of nitrate in frozen vegetables, fruits, j ams, and stewed fruits were only little less than in fresh products [19].
COUNTRYSIDE: I remember my mother and grandmother canning "stewed tomatoes." They boiled water on the stove and ran cold water in the sink.
The meat is lean and tough - but cooks into an extremely tender meal when stewed. Another cut to look for is a boneless chuck-eye roast, or something labeled simply boneless chuck.
You can miss them out and add something else, such as chicken or a cut of meat that can be stewed.
Stewed prunes with apples Most kids like traditional fruit puds, so stew some chopped prunes along with apples and serve with lots of custard for a healthy treat.