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Stewardship Financial Corporation serves as the parent company for Atlantic Stewardship Bank (ASB), a full-service community bank serving both individuals and businesses.
This is the first time a strategy has been based solely on the Aviva Stewardship funds.
In 2015 the OGA rationalised numerous industry surveys into one annual standardised UK Stewardship Survey, with survey data used for performance benchmarking and the issue of comprehensive reports, both of which have been openly shared with industry.
Pursuant to the terms of the merger agreement, Stewardship shareholders will receive USD 15.75 in cash for each share of Stewardship common stock held.
But after reading your articles on stewardship, we feel that stewardship might be a better term.
This will not improve unless healthcare providers address the issue and implement antimicrobial stewardship strategies to address the risks.
The National Pension Service (NPS) is facing growing criticism for introducing a stewardship code, which many financial analysts say will do more harm than good to companies it has invested in.
In "Data Stewardship for Open Science: Implementing FAIR Principles", Professor Mons draws upon his years of research, experience and expertise to make scientists, funders, and innovators in all disciplines and stages of their professional activities broadly aware of the need, complexity, and challenges associated with open science, modern science communication, and data stewardship.
Redefining the Antibiotic Stewardship Team: Recommendations from the American Nurses Association/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Workgroup on the role of registered nurses in hospital antibiotic stewardship practices.
ARDMORE The Noble Research Institute has created the Noble Land Stewardship Program as part of a seven-decade-long effort to support farmers, ranchers and land managers.
The recent worldwide outbreak of Candida auris, a multidrug-resistant fungus, underscores the criticality of robust institutional and community-based antibiotic stewardship programs.
Regulations updating the F441 Infection Prevention guidelines that have been in effect since 2009 are now expanded into F880 to F883, with F881 focusing specifically on Antibiotic Stewardship.
But the pressures are mounting and action on water stewardship is imminently necessary - one that creates a new level of resilience to our water challenges and yet is adaptable by the majority of businesses worldwide.
[1] In response to this alarming growth in antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship initiatives, which aim to improve the judicious use of antimicrobial agents, have gained global support.
To commemorate World Water Day 2017, Nestle Pakistan and the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) signed a MoU enabling both partners to effectively collaborate on the theme of 'Water Stewardship' which will promote responsible use of water resources in Pakistan.